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Video Documentation

3rd 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, 2000 -video documentation
4th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, 2002 -video documentation
5th 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, 2004 -video documentation


First 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
August 7 – 11, 1997.

The first 7a*11d festival was curated into 5 distinct sections defined by 5 separate and unique spaces:
Five Holes: Touched (performance and installations throughout Symptom Hall exploring the sense of 'touch'), .in/attendant. (time-based performances in a Queen Street West storefront), Jawa (exhibit of kinetic, robotic and electronic art featuring 'machines that perform'), Prognosis (time based and duration performances using the main space at Symptom Hall) and Sediment (site specific outdoor performances in Trinity Bellwoods Park).

Festival Artists:
Peter Conlin and Kirsten Forkert (BC)
Christine A. Mathieson (Canada)
Johanna Householder (Canada)
Me and Me (Canada)
Paul Couillard (Canada)
Jinhan Ko (Canada)
Louise Liliefeldt (Canada)
Tim Dallet (Canada)
Kenneth Emig (Canada)
John Lauder (Canada)
Emmanuel Madan (Canada)
Thomas Macintosh (Canada)
Phil Rose (Canada)
Andrew J. Paterson (Canada)
Songs of the New Erotics (Canada)
Terril-Lee W. Calder (Canada)
Hal Niedzviecki and Eric Aurandt (Canada)
Rebecca Belmore (Canada)
Joseph Connolly and Jason Lee (USA)
May Chan (Canada)
Frank Green (USA)
Fiona Griffiths (Canada)
Ed Johnson (PQ) Bernice Kaye (Canada)
Stefanie Marshall (Canada)
Frank Moore with Michael LaBash and Linda Mac (USA)
jAT * jHAVE: Julie Andrée T and David Johnson (PQ)
Douglas Back (Canada)
Victoria Scott (Canada)
Taku Dazai (Canada)
Curtis MacDonald (Canada)
David Gifford (Canada)
Tasman Richardson (Canada)
Diane McGrather (Canada)
RANT !Amen/Puppet Government (Canada)
Curtis Donnahee (NS)
Elizabeth Chitty (Canada)
Dennis Summers (USA)
Jenny Keith (Canada)
Peter Hill (Canada)
Koren Bellman (Canada)
Bay Woodyard (Canada)
Jennifer Maus (Canada)
Matias Rozenberg (Canada)
SAFMOD (SubAtomic Frequency Modulation OverDose):
Neil Chastin, Andrew Kaletta, Young Park and Alexandra Underhill (USA)

Panel discussion: Pleasures of the Flesh: Body in Time
Panelists: Clive Robertson, Elizabeth Chitty, Douglas Back
Intervention: Yuji Sone
Moderated by Johanna Householder

Second 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
October 25 – November 7, 1998

The second 7a*11d festival was curated into 5 distinct sections defined by 5 separate and unique spaces:

Field Trips brought together the work of five artists who poetically slipped themselves into the urban environment in an effort to blur the conventional distinction between audience and artist, creator and created.

Hybrids combed North America for statling fusions of art and life; innovative combines of trance-rant, rap-philosophy and pseudo-science.

International Performance Video Art, co-sponsored by Pleaure Dome, presentd three vieo programs that consider the phenimneono of artists performing for the camera, geaturing work from Britain, the USA and Canada.

Performances for an Orange and Violet room
presented six very different performances negociating, interpreting and manipulating a common environment, one dominated by the dynamics of two opposing colours.

PO-PO, a Samhain in the Wasteland featured performances by various artists in a decaying building. The viewer holistically involved in the experience of the work and the space. The intent was to expand the scope of performance art by exposing it to an uninitiated audience and to bridge the gap between pop and high culture.

Festival Speakers:
Martha Wilson (US)
Simon Herbert (UK)
Elizabeth Jape (Germany)
Slavka Sverakova (Ireland), Thanks to Richard Martel and le Lieu’s Rencontre internationale et colloque interactif sur l’art actuel (1958-1998) for enabling the participation of the speakers listed above.

Festival Artists:
Cathy Sisler (Ontario)
Los Mexiques: Julio Morales and Domingo Nuno w/Blaise (USA)
William Pope L. (USA)
Ed Johnson (Ontario)
Men of the World: Mark Alice Durant and Matthew Wilson (USA)
Mark Rodgers (UK)
Andrew J. Paterson (Ontario)
Anna Banana (BC)
Marlene Madison Plimley (BC)
Kate Story (Canada)
Dave Dyment and James Julien (Canada)
Daniel Barrow (MB)
Allison Cummings (Canada)
Fly (USA)
Julie Andreé T (PQ)
Istvan Kantor (Canada)
Robert Lee (Canada)
Judith Norris (BC)
Johanna Householder and Carmen Householder-Pedari (Canada)
Stephen Rife (Canada)
Ioana Georgescu w/Sillion (PQ)
S. Higgins (Canada)
tentively aCONVENIENCE (USA)
Songs of the New Erotics (Canada)
Knurl (Canada)
Jubal Brown (Canada)
Phycus (Canada)
Koren Bellman (Canada)
May Chan (Canada)
Anne Marie Hood and Michelle Bakic (Canada)
Ken Gregory (MB)
Donnelly Smallwood (Canada)
Toshimi Mitsui (Canada)
Peter Flemming (Canada)
Sam Bietenholz and Dave Fuji (Canada)

Panel discussion: Interventionism
Panelists: William Pope. L, Kika Thorne & Adrian Blackwell, D. Anne Taylor, Anna Banana
Moderated by Johanna Householder

Third 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
October 25 – November 5, 2000

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Festival Artists:
Su-en Butoh (Sweden) with sound by Six Heads (Canada)
Stefanie Marshall (Canada)
Ben Patterson (USA/Germany)
Steven Venright/Topor Vigil Industries (Canada)
Lisa Deanna Smith (Canada)
Karma Clarke Davis (Canada)
John Porter (Canada)
Leena Raudvee and Pam Patterson - statement (Canada)
Sylvain Breton and Lance McLean (Quebec)
Christine Carson (Canada)
Tagny Duff (BC)
Otiose (UK)
Jerzy Onuch (Poland/Ukraine)
James Luna (Luiseno/USA)
Jessica Lertvilai (Canada)
Terril Calder (Canada)
Will Kwan (Canada)
Clive Roberston (Kingston)
Vida Simon (Quebec)
Jill Orr (Australia)
Sherry Lyn Higgins (Canada)

Panel discussion: Experience As Spectacle
Panelists: Kym Pruesse, John Dummett, Tagny Duff, Clive Robertson
Intervention: Torpor Vigil Industries
Moderated by Johanna Householder

Fourth 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
October 31 – November 10, 2002

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Art System,
A Space Gallery,
YYZ Artists’ Outlet

Festival Artists:
André-Philipe Lemke (Germany)
Chris Wildrick (UK)
Daniel Barrow (Canada)
Cheli Nighttraveller (Canada)
Clive Robertson (Canada)
Pierre Beaudoin (Quebec)
Skip Arnold (USA) Anita Ponton (UK)
Roi Vaara (Finland) Dianne Landry (Quebec)
Bruce Barber (Canada)
Emmanuelle Waeckerle (UK)
_badpacket_:Mike Steventon & Michelle Kasprzak with Sarah Peebles (Canada)
ReciproCity/RéciproCité Collective: Tagny Duff, Margaret_Dragu, Paul Couillard (Canada)
Kirsten Forkert, Benjamin Muon (Canada)
Co-presentation with FADO Shin-Ichi Arai (Japan)
Mimi Nakajima (Japan)
Iwan Wijono (Indonesia)
Co-presentation with Pleasure Dome Istvan Kantor (Canada)
Co-presentation with A Space Tari Ito (Japan)
Co-presentation with YYZ Artists' Outlet John Beagles (UK)
Graham Ramsay (UK)

d2d = Direct to Documentation
John G. Boehme
Grady Gerbracht
Matt Hassall
Irene Loughlin
Christina Mancuso
Christof Migone
Amanda Ross-Ho
Jennifer Stillwell
Karen Spencer
Lezli Ruben-Kunda

Panel discussion:
Images vs. Iconoclasms or shooting sacred cows from a train of thought

Panelists: Alyssa Firth-Eagland, Clive Robertson, Tagny Duff, Bruce Barber
Moderated by Johanna Householder

Fifth 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art
October 20-31, 2004

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A Space Gallery,
YYZ Artists’ Outlet,
Interaccess Media Arts Centre
Ontario College of Art and Design.

Co-presentation with FADO and OCAD (curated by Tagny Duff and FADO)
Glenda Léon (Cuba)
Tania Bruguera (Cuba)

Co-presentation with A Space Gallery
Pam Patterson - statement (Canada)

Co-presentation with Interaccess Media Art Centre www.interaccess.orgg
kanarinka and ikatun (USA)

Co-presentation with YYZ Artists’ Outlet
Bean, Bananas and Yams: performance relic and ephemera (curated by Dave Dyment)
Including works from: Vito Acconci, Bas Jan Alder, Laurie Anderson, George Brecht, Joseph Beuys, Chris Burden, John Cage, The Clichettes, Marcel Duchamp, Fluxus, Vera Frenkel, Ken Freidman, General Idea, Dan Graham, Rodney Graham, Al Hansen, Allan Kaprow, Yves Klien, Allison Knowles, Kelly Mark, John Marriot - statement, Meredith Monk, Linda Montano, Bruce Nauman, Hermann Nitsch, Daniel Olson, Yoko Ono, Nam June Paik, Genesis P-Orridge, Sandy Plotnikoff, Mathew Sawyer, Carolee Schneemann, Michael Snow, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens and many others.

Festival Artists:

W.A. Davison (Canada) - statement
Laura Nanni (Canada) - statement
Eric Létourneau (Quebec)
Cheryl L’Hirondelle - statement (Alberta)
Melati Suryodarmo - statement (Germany/Indonesia)
Helina Hukkataival - statement (Finland)
Maria Legault - statement (Canada)
Erika DeFreitas (Canada)
John Marriot (Canada)
Joanne Bristol - statement (Calgary)
Matt Hawthorn - statement (UK)
Alexander Del Re - statement (Chile)
Tamara Paris and Matt Fontaine - statement
Reverend Billy - statement (USA)
Mathew Sawyer (UK)
Compagnié PME - statement (Toronto/Montreal)
Esther Ferrer - statement (France)
Mideo M. Cruz (Phillipines)

d2d = Direct to Documentation
Co-sponsored by Vtape

Selected performance documentation screened from: i.josee benin, Desearch and Development, Jess Dobkin, Lezli Rubin Kunda, Zarathustra Onkel, Lisa Patzer, Philip Ryder, Seaberg Acrobatic Poetry, Zon Sakai, Melait Suryodarmo, Tomoko Takahashi, Stefanie Trojan, Lori Weidenhammer, Donna Lewis.

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A Space
Art Gallery of Hamilton
Art System
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