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The CCCA (Centre for Contemporary Canadian Art) Academy is a laboratory and educational forum devoted to reinforcing research activities and creating communities of pedagogical practice. Its activities are conducted under the auspices of the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art at Concordia University.

The Canadian Art Database (CAD) founded in 1997 by Director Bill Kirby and produced in cooperation with artists, dealers, publishers, cooperatives, and festivals has become the go-to resource for researchers, teachers, students, collectors, curators, and members of the public interested in post-World War II Canadian art and design.

Participants in the CCCA Academy contribute to the growth and relevance of this database through various projects such as curating virtual exhibitions, developing thematic clusters, and devising innovative methods for the effective use of this database as a resource for collaborative research.

The development of the CCCA Academy was supported by the Seed Funding program of Research and Graduate Studies, Concordia University. The Jarislowsky Institute welcomes proposals for participation on the CCCA Academy, which are reviewed by its Members.

2012 Project:
    Envisioning Virtual Exhibitions
2013 Project:
    Global Engagements in Contemporary Canadian Art: Thirty-Nine Exhibition Essays and Fifty-Five Artists
2016 Project:
    Rethinking Visual Narration: Myths, Religious Stories, Fairy Tales, Legends and Other Collective Beliefs and      Accounts in Contemporary Canadian Art

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