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List of Artists working in the Applied Arts by Category

Jennifer Angus Toronto, Ontario and Madison, Wisconsin 
Dorothy Caldwell Hastings, Ontario 
Lyn Carter Toronto, Ontario 
Kai Chan Toronto, Ontario 
Tim Jocelyn (1952-1986) Toronto, Ontario 
Susan Warner Keene Toronto, Ontario 
VictoriaMamnguksualuq Qamanittuaq [Baker Lake], Nunavut 
Marcel Marois Quebec City, Quebec 
Pierrette Mondou Montreal, Quebec 
Ruth Scheuing Vancouver, British Columbia 
Joyce Wieland (1931-1998) Toronto, Ontario 

Susan Low-Beer Toronto, Ontario 
Sally Michener West Vancouver, British Columbia 
Peter Powning Sussex, New Brunswick 

Susan Feindel Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 
Peter Powning Sussex, New Brunswick 

Vivienne Jones Toronto, Ontario 

Kai Cahn Toronto, Ontario 
William Gill St. John's, Newfoundland 
Stephen Hogbin Wiarton, Ontario 

Mark Gomes Toronto, Ontario 
Stephen Hogbin Wiarton, Ontario 
John McKinnon Toronto, Ontario 
Gordon Peteran Toronto, Ontario 
Joel Robson Toronto, Ontario