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Canadian Art / artscanada
[published by The Society for Arts Publications]

#114, November 1967 #198-199, June 1975 #204-205, April May, 1976
#210-211, Dec. 1976, Jan. 1977

Historical note:
Walter Abel organized the Maritime Art Association while a professor of Art at Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia and with the aid of a grant from the Carnegie Corporation started Maritime Art in 1940. During its three years under that name, he edited and designed 15 issues. When, as a result of the Kingston Conference in June 1941 and with the assistance of the National Gallery of Canada the magazine evolved into Canadian Art in 1943. It was published under this name by the Society for Arts Publications when the magazine changed its name under the editorship of Paul Arthur and Barry Lord to artscanada in 1967. It was published by the Society for Art Publications by that name under Anne Brodzky’s editorship from 1968 to 1983 when the Society for Arts Publications ceased publishing.

In 1984, originally in partnership by Maclean Hunter and Key Publishers, ownership of Canadian Art was transferred in 1991 to the newly formed Canadian Art Foundation which received charitable status in 1992.

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Canadian Art [1943-1967]
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