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In addition to artists who work with film, video and sound, a number of artists represented in the Canadian Art Database are experimenting with a range of new technologies. For the moment, this new section is being sub-divided into artists working with digital imaging, web art, kinetics and robotics, and computer programming. A number of the artists work in a variety of media, and for that reason, they are categorized under more than one category.

Alphabetical List of Artists working with Art and Technology
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    Web Art / Web-located work
    Kinetics / Robotics /Installation
    Computer Programming / Algorithms

The Circuit 4 Digital Culture Project

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Alphabetical List of Artists working with Art and Technology

David Abecassis Fort Lee, New Jersey 
Ingrid Bachmann Montreal, Quebec 
Pat Badani Chicago, Illinois, USA 
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins Toronto, Ontario 
Brian Burnett Toronto, Ontario 
Kay Burns Calgary, Alberta
Ian Carr-Harris Toronto, Ontario 
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia 
Thomas Corriveau Laval, Quebec 
Mario Côté Montreal, Quebec 
Cheryl Kolak Dudek Montreal, Quebec 
Daniel Dugas Calgary, Alberta
Geoffrey Farmer Vancouver, British Columbia 
Vera Frenkel Toronto, Ontario 
Noel Harding Toronto, Ontario 
Risa Horowitz Toronto, Ontario
Istvan Kantor Toronto, Ontario
Valerie LeBlanc Calgary, Alberta
George Legrady Santa Barbara, California, USA
Miklos Legrady Toronto, Ontario 
Nina Levitt Toronto, Ontario 
Paul Litherland Montreal, Quebec
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario
Arlene Stamp Calgary, Alberta
Nell Tenhaaf Toronto, Ontario