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Bev Pike

Winnipeg, Manitoba
[Regina, Saskatchewan]

Bev is an experienced artist and influential cultural advocate. She has built an impressive body of work and is known for her large scale oracular land-form paintings. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art in 1974, her work has been exhibited across Canada in solo and group exhibitions. Her current research areas include performative landscape, underground shell grottoes and other Baroque spectacles.

She has been the recipient of several senior arts grants from the Winnipeg Arts Council, Manitoba Arts Council and Canada Council. Her work has been collected by the Canada Council Art Bank, the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (North York), the Manitoba Arts Council Art Bank (Brandon), Winnipeg Art Gallery, McKenzie Art Gallery (Regina), the Victoria and Albert Museum (London), Tate Modern (London) and numerous artist-book collections in North America and England.

The CCCA Winnipeg Artists Project was generously supported by the Winnipeg Foundation.

Email Contact: Bev Pike

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