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Louise Liliefeldt

Louise is a Toronto-based performance artist and painter.

She has been instrumental in setting up and organizing performance art events and workshops since the early 1990s as a collective member of the Shakewell Performance Art Collective, a committee member with Pleasure Dome Film & Video as well as being a co-founder and current steering committee member of 7a*11d International Performance Art Festival. From 1993 to 1999 Louise was the Distribution Manager at Vtape; she also spent two years with the Canadian FilmmakersÂ’ Distribution Centre as the Tour Coordinator for their 35th Anniversary National Tour. She has served on juries for the Toronto Arts Council, OCAD, Images International Film & Video Festival and the Canada Council for the Arts.

Louise has presented her work across Canada, in the U.S., Poland, Turkey and Wales. She currently holds the position of Sessional Lecturer I, teaching Performance Art at the University of Toronto.

Email Contact: Louise Liliefeldt

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Media Works
Weeping Body, (clip 2) [2003] - video
Weeping Body, (clip 1) [2003] - video
Untitled lV, (clip 1) [2003] - video
Cage, (clip 1) [2003] - video
Cage, (clip 2) [2003] - video
Untitled lV, (clip 2) [2003] - video
Lekker lll, (clip 2) [2004] - video
Lekker lll, (clip 1) [2004] - video
Lekker lll, (clip 3) [2004] - video

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