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Myron Turner

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Myron Turner's works created for the web have been collected and shown in a variety of Internet venues, including the Whitney Artport series, Javamuseum, and the Rhizome Artbase, and in 2006 he was nominated for a Viper award. He was also among the earliest artists to be supported in Web Development at the Banff Centre for the Arts and was the first artist to have an exhibition with a web-based component at the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

He is a multi-media artist and had been practicing for 20 years when the first web browser Mosaic appeared; he became an early member of Rhizome while it was still an an email list. His work combines photography, woodblock printmaking and light boxes in multi-panel works where the woodblocks explore ways to reflect photography.

Starting in the mid 90's most of his work in some form or other involved computers, and the wood blocks became attempts to represent digitization in black and white. These prints twice won awards at the Boston Printmakers North American Printmaking Biennial and were shown in at IPCNY and the Print Club in Philadelphia. His work involving computers also includes installations with web components.

The CCCA Winnipeg Artists Project was generously supported by the Winnipeg Foundation.

Email Contact: Myron Turner

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