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Dick Averns

Dick was born in London UK. He currently maintains his practice in Calgary.

Dick Averns' practice investigates the commodification of space. Language, media convergence and identity politics – major arbiters of spatial control – are explored via sculpture, performativity, text-based works and photography. Pyscho-geography and performance ethnography feature as regular approaches to executing projects, often manifested as public art. As a cross-departmental faculty member at the Alberta College of Art & Design, teaching between liberal studies and studio, Averns has established new curricula for undergraduate programs in sculpture, performance and installation.

Complementing his art production, Averns is both a critical and scholarly writer. Mental spaces are addressed on conflicted fronts: the overt and covert. In terms of overt conflict Averns writes on contemporary war art and has presented public lectures, chaired academic conference panels and published articles on this topic. Covert conflict is probed via applied research into mental health disorders. This has included the role of principal investigator for an interdisciplinary project investigating mental health, career choice and achievement in the workplace. Specifically, this work investigates how challenges associated with Tourette Syndrome may be channeled into positive career characteristics. Averns is also a professional panel chair and conference moderator.

Dick is represented by the Bjornson Kajiwara Gallery, Vancouver.

Email Contact: Dick Averns

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