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David Zack

David was born in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1938 and received his Canadian landed immigrant status in 1970. He died in Texas, in 1995.

He studied at the University of Chicago and Cambridge University and taught at the University of Puerto Rico, San Francisco State College, the San Francisco Art Institute, and the University of Saskatchewan in Regina.

David is known for initiating the Nut Art movement in the late 60s in San Francisco together with Roy DeForest, Maija Peeples, Clayton Bailey, David Gilhooly and others. He became involved with mail-art in the early 70s and became one of its leading figures. He devoted the rest of his life to 'correspondense-art', and invented the Monty Cantsin Open-Pop-Star project together with Maris Kundzins and Istvan Kantor. David also got involved with Neoism in the early 1980s.

David took part in countless mail-art exhibitions around the world. He was also a professional art writer/critic with articles appearing in many publications in the 1960s and 1970s.

A retrospective of his work entitled: DAVID ZACK: Wizard?! Perturber?! Possessed! Letters and other works of a correspondence artist opened at The New Gallery in Calgary, on October 10, 2008, collected, designed and produced by Istvan Kantor.

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Selected Texts
About David Zack by Istvan Kantor
A Tribute to David Zack by Istvan Kantor
[Introduction to The Booklet of OZ, 2003].
David Zack unlimited by Niels Lomholt

David Zack's Correspondense with Peter Horobin
by Peter Haining
An Authentik and Historikal Discourse on the Phenomenon of Mail Art by David Zack [Art in America Jan/Feb 1973]

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