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Kate Brown

Kate currently lives and works in Toronto. She earned her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been awarded numerous grants and awards. Most notably, Kate was given the Hudson Bay Scholarship for the Banff Centre and the Joyce Wieland Protege Honour from Arts Toronto. She was founder of the innovative Mantle Project for Chapters and is currently an instructor of fundamental drawing and artists' books at the Toronto School of Art.

Video: Written in The River
Written in The River is a 40 piece series by Kate Brown that has been in storage for over 20 years. Created in New York City, and never before seen in it's entirety. A portion of it will be exhibited in the Canadian Spirit exhibition in Muskoka, Ontario, September 2012.

Statement for the Canadian Spirit Exhibition
The Canadian Landscape seems to indelibly mark itself within the psyche of those of us who are privileged to live here. This vast country with it's relatively small population enables each citizen to posses the land and sky in a way not possible anywhere else on earth. For each of us then, the landscape becomes a personal space that is inhabited both physically and imaginatively. This seemed especially true for me, when I was living in New York. The Canadian landscape seemed to uncontrollably surface from my DNA - so much so, I found myself drawing birch bark on the bare plaster walls of my apartment. My series, ' Written in the River ' was created at this time.

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