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Paul Litherland

@skydiver_paul. You are a semi pro, a flaneur, a dilettante. Nice guy. Too calm to be a skydiver. Holds 2 Canadian skydiving records. Do you want to make interesting work or have an interesting life? Motivation, opportunities, public taste all conspire to create art stars and make others turn away. What are the pleasures of semi obscurity? To enjoy the freedom from the trappings of success!

Paul Litherland is a visual artist working mostly with photography and video. He works with many artists in his role as a documentation specialist and produces artworks related to this and his experience as a skydiver. Now in his 39th year of jumping from airplanes he has accumulated over 2250 jumps, including over 500 Wingsuit jumps and 35 BASE jumps.

He studied photography and fine art at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver (now the Emily Carr University of Art and Design) and graduated from the MFA program in photography from Concordia in 1994.

Paul lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

Email Contact: Paul Litherland

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