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Lyla Rye

Lyla is an installation artist who lives and works in Toronto, Canada. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University, Toronto and an Master of Fine Arts from the San Francisco Art Institute. She has exhibited nationally & internationally since 1989 including in New York City, San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Adelaide, Australia.

Her work has been seen in video festivals and screenings, art galleries, museums and off-site venues including a bathroom, an elevator, a women's prison, warehouse basements and storefront windows. A recent video installation, Hopscotch was shown at the Agnes Etherington Gallery, Kingston and the Esplanade Gallery, Medicine Hat (2006 and 2007) which published an accompanying catalogue. Her work is in the public collections of York University, Robert McLaughlin Gallery and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

Email Contact: Lyla Rye

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Media Works
Siren [2000] - video
Byte [2002] - video
Separation Anxiety [2002] - video
The Juniper Tree [2002] - video
Carnal [2003] - video
Examination [2003] - video
Young Girl at an Open Window [2004] - video
Project [2004] - video
Kaleidoscope [2005] - video
Amnion [2005] - video
Panorama [2006] - video
Hopscotch [2006] - video

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