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Daniel Solomon

Daniel is a Toronto-based artist and art teacher. He divides his time evenly between work in his studio and work as a Professor of Art at the Ontario College of Art and Design.

His career now spans forty years. He began painting as an architecture student at the University of Oregon, in the early sixties. His professional career started when he relocated to Toronto in 1967. Since that time he has shown his paintings and sculptures regularly in solo exhibitions in major galleries in Toronto. For many years he had significant gallery representation in both Houston and Montreal.

Daniel has participated in the international art world by exhibiting his work in group shows across Canada, the USA and Europe.

Two elements seem to be present in his work throughout his entire career: a love of intense, vibrant colour and an interest in complex pictorial space. This same combination of elements is found in his paintings, watercolours, sculptures and also in his stage sets.

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