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Jenn Goodwin

Toronto (Ontario)
[Burlington (Ontario)]

Jenn Goodwin is a Toronto based dance artist. Her dance work has been performed across Canada, and in New York, Amsterdam, Australia and Brussels. Her short dance films have been screened at festivals across Canada, in New York and Europe. Her work often explores little moments that make up a big life. The beauty, banality and barbarity of the in between. Jenn utilizes narrative, stories and text from the every day conversation to the poetic. She works with the body, humor, video, visual art, song, popular and less popular culture as inspiration.

She has presented work in theatres as well as venues such as clubs, art galleries, bars, parks, trees, living rooms, streets. Goodwin is one half of the band MORTIFIED with Camilla Singh and is a programming supervisor/artistic producer with Toronto Special Events/Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.

Contactez par couriel: Jenn Goodwin

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Œuvres médiatiques
Sneaker, [dance] (clip 2) [1997] - vidéo
Sneaker, [dance] (clip 1) [1997] - vidéo
Stink, [dance] (clip 2) [1998] - vidéo
Stink, [dance] (clip 1) [1998] - vidéo
Liar, [dance] (clip 1) [1999] - vidéo
Liar, [dance] (clip 2) [1999] - vidéo
Freestyle [2000] - vidéo
Light Years, (clip 1) [2003] - vidéo
Light Years, (clip 2) [2003] - vidéo
The Wet Project, [dance] (clip 1) [2004] - vidéo
Stripped [2004] - vidéo
The Wet Project, [dance] (clip 2) [2004] - vidéo
Stuck [2005] - vidéo
On Fire [2006] - vidéo
The Falling, [dance] (clip 2) [2006] - vidéo
The Falling, [dance] (clip 1) [2006] - vidéo

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