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Hank Bull & Patrick Ready [HP]

HP was a collaboration between Hank Bull and Patrick Ready. Beginning in 1975 HP produced a weekly radio show, [The HP Radio Show], which ran on Vancouver Co-operative Radio for 8 years. Devoted to the idea that radio could be activated as an art medium, the two hosts developed an idiosyncratic style and a quick following.

A forum for new inventions, telephone music and various types of listener participation, the show made heavy use of sound effects, experiments with tape recorders and scripted serials with names like The Cavemen, Tales from the Days of Sail, and Captain Bonnard and Captain Lafarge and Carolyne in Space. Many of the artists who came to the Western Front in Vancouver would be incorporated into the show.

By 1978, in a prime-time Sunday evening slot, the title was changed to the HP Dinner Show, "scientifically designed to help you prepare, eat and digest, your dinner".

Hank Bull has lived in Vancouver and worked at the Western Front since 1973. He became involved in radio and television in 1975. He has been active as an organizer of international artists' projects using electronic networks and continues various pursuits as a 'TOTALmedia' artist.

Patrick Ready is a Vancouver-based writer, inventor and radio artist. His collaborative radio plays, were first produced in 1973 and have since been performed in galleries in Toronto and Vancouver. In 1989, he invented the 'water radio,' as artist-in-residence at The Banff Centre.

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