Gunning for Saddam

Gunning for Saddam

© Rae Johnson

Date: 2003
Materials: oil, wax on paper, mounted on canvas
Measurements: 36 x 48 in./po

Live from Baghdad, The Cameron, Toronto, Jan. 2003

The paintings in this show are portraits of ideas playing out in the media, focusing on the recent renewed interest in nuclear war. CNN and Newsworld provide the landscape from which the omnipotent force of America and its allies pose and gesticulate, basking in the gaze of history.

I have stolen images from the public domain of broadcasting. Some of the faces will be familiar, however the intent is not to focus on nor criticise the individuals represented. The intent is to see the hierarchy of information bites in the tv media as a visual dance of the rites of war. By enhancing the images with the sensuous quality of oil paint, I want to turn these flickering media images into portraits of this moment, captured and remade into objects of beauty, and displayed on the "cave walls" of the Cameron.

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