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Date: 2004
Materials: stump, compass, oars, contact mic, 1-channel video, projector, screen, photo, magnets, steel
Measurements: dimension variable

The sculptural element of Boom is a self-propelled log barge rendered ineffective by its construction. It is the cross-section of a tree stump, debarked and painted glossy black except for the top surface, which is stained a dark oak with a brass compass inset into its centre (rendered ineffective by magnets embedded into the ends of the oars). Derrick-like steel oarlocks suspend and balance two 14 foot whale oars which, by their very size, obstruct movement, a silent protest until handled. Moving the oars creates deep, resonant sounds, amplified by a contact microphone attached to the stump. A historical photograph of slash burning depicts the devastation of burnt stumps interrupted only by the construction of a single dwelling. Video, projected onto a pull-down screen, relates two intertwined tales of destruction and endurance, the loss of two tall trees and the severence of a pair of hands. Both tales relay journeys leading to the initiation into an underground forest; to new growth and reclam

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