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Date: 2008
Materials: interactive new media installation, responsive screen-based work, video and digital prints

Solo exhibition held at the Tarble Arts Center / Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, USA, January 19 to February 24, 2008. Commissioned work: commemorating the center's 25th anniversary). Color catalogue: introduction by Martin Patrick.

[in time time] creates a 'communicational space' in which I explore materials as social practice in addition to notions of representation, codes, conventions and mediations. The installation involves large digital prints and two new media works: a split-screen video titled [8-bits], and a context aware, interactive installation titled [ping-pong-flow]. The pieces are bound together by their related concerns: adult/child interactions, consciousness and reality, time and memory, and the relationship of sender and receiver in a communication channel; yet differentiated in their embodiment and in their speculative vantage points, specifically in the way that images and human experience converge. In [8-bits] viewers are enlisted as perceptual editors as they negotiate attention between alternating images, sound and text. In [ping-pong-flow], participants activate a responsive image, an avatar seemingly conscious of others. A circuitry of communication is created with the avatar and her ghosts, who react uncannily via a number of gestures to the movements of viewers around a simulated pit. The work was commissioned and funded by the Tarble Art Center Foundation (Charleston, Illinois - USA).

Pat Badani

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