Daily Collage: Collage 09

Daily Collage: Collage 09

© Barbara Astman

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Date: 2009-2011
Materials: Digital print on archival fine art paper
Measurements: 43 x 34 in.

Daily Collage 2009- 2011.
Collage has continually been a part of my art practice in one form or another. This series developed out of my ongoing habit of reading the daily paper, as interested in the visual imagery as the newsworthy articles. There are obvious links between it and the 2006, Newspaper series. I began saving images, which appeared in the daily papers, and would then collage selections onto pages in a small notebook. I was also thinking about Lenny Bruce and how his stand up comedy performances were like oral jazz with nothing censored, translated or mediated. I was not trying to create logical narratives nor was I commenting on the news of the day. I was just responding to the images in a very direct and impulsive way. This work is more about impulse and intuition; I let others create their own narratives from the resulting images. Intuitive thinking.

Collage as an art practice has been a major influence on my work over the years and I have been particularly inspired by the early collage works of Braque and Picasso, the Russian Constructivists and most importantly the German Dada artist Hannah Hoch.

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