Cyborg Living Space: Livingroom

Cyborg Living Space: Livingroom

© KC Adams

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Date: 2003
Materials: Interactive Installation: Wood constructions, porcelain, kinetic sculptures, mixed media and a spy web cam that is linked to my home computer so I can spy on viewers
Measurements: 14 x 14 ft.

From the Bleach Series: this work was inspired by the obsessive and impossible expectations of Martha Stewart. This interactive space becomes a beautiful (impossible to clean) and isolated sanctuary for the cyborg. The Cyborg Living Spaces installations are deceivingly simple in appearance but are multi-layered with content, mimicking the information overload that our senses are bombarded with every day. I entice my audience to engage in the installations by creating aesthetically beautiful objects that are based on the familiar and require them to use most of their senses. The overall impression is subtle to the point that the viewers have a choice to either accept the work on a surface level or investigate the multiple references within the work.

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