Tree Aprons/Tree Line

Tree Aprons/Tree Line

© Fae Logie

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Date: 2014/2017
Materials: fabric, sisal rope, paper labels, twine, C-prints
Measurements: 190 x 145 x 5 cm

The installation ‘Tree Line’ is part of a series relating my impressions of the urban boreal forests of high latitudes. In the fall, hunters dressed in camouflage infiltrate the forest surrounding Dawson City, Yukon. Chainsaws of woodcutters can be heard penetrating the scraggy bush of spruce and pine, birch and aspen. Snow creeps down past the tree line. I wrap trees in camouflage aprons to conceal, possibly protect, measuring the fabric to the dimensions of the trunks, small, medium and large. As both a reference to hunting and to war, camouflage resembles the coarse scales of spruce bark, mimicking patterns found in nature. This adopted characteristic for the spruce trees provides a disguise, an adaptation to the changing environment they inhabit, improving their chances of survival.

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