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   Kay Burns
(Quad Cam Project) Out of Place: HomeCam
Video still
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2001-02 [colour, 3min. 46sec.]
(documentation excerpts)

The Quad Cam is a 4 directional camera system that I developed for an ongoing body of work. The underlying ideas behind the quad cam projects relate to issues of surveillance, observation over time, reality TV, and the ability to recreate a 360 degrees view of a given environment. In its exhibition form, 4 TV monitors situated in a square formation facing towards the centre play back the recorded video from the four directions mimicking the view points of the four cameras, and headphones are available in the centre of the structure to provide a sense of spatially specific audio (sound coming from behind, beside, etc. depending on the location of recorded events).

Out of Place: Home Cam (4 channel video and 4 channel audio) is a project that explores ideas and issues about displacement; in this case, the displacement felt by relocated Newfoundlanders residing in Fort McMurray Alberta. Approximately one third of the population of Fort McMurray is made up of dislocated Newfoundlanders who have gone seeking the abundance of work available in the oil industry and tar sands. They are in the midst of a cultural transition as they come to terms with the experience of leaving their home and way of life for a completely different lifestyle in a landlocked isolated community. This Quad Cam project takes the words of the displaced Newfoundlanders and juxtaposes them with the imagery of the places they left behind and was screened at the Newfoundlanders Club in Fort McMurray, Alberta in April 2002.

Production Centre: EMMEDIA, Calgary