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   Nina Levitt
Video still
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1996 [installation documentation, length 2min. 22sec.] [A two-part video installation which explores oppositional relations pertaining to lesbian identity.]

Part I consists of a black & white slow motion video sequence played on a monitor. This looped video depicts the interaction between two young women who are looking at a photograph of a man posing at the beach. The potential for reading against a heterosexual construct is available within the particular kind and quality of gestures; a knowing glance...a bond of complicity...a secret contract expressed in the wink of an eye. The clip is taken from Maëdchen in Uniform, 1931 (Director: Leontine Sagan) a German film about the doomed lesbian love affair between a young schoolgirl and her teacher.

  • 24" video monitor, VHS deck

  • Part II consists of a looped video image projected onto a black & white photograph suspended from the ceiling, about 5 feet away from a wall. The video consists of a staged colour sequence montaged with another clip from Maëdchen. The slow motion cycle begins with an extreme close up of a mouth saying the word ?harbor? (there is no audio). Fade to white which dissolves into a film clip from Maëdchen. The film still, also taken from Maëdchen, depicts the protagonist who is the embodiment of transgression and desire in the film. The video image projected onto the suspended photograph spills over onto the rear wall, creating a spatial rupture in the visual field. An essential aspect of Part II is that the viewer exaggerates or bridges the ruptured image by moving at different angles to the projection.

  • Sony CPJ-100 mini Video Projector, tripod, VHS deck
  • Video projection: approx. 5? x 4?
  • Film still: 11" x 14".

  • There is no audio in this installation.

    This and other video installations by Nina Levitt are distributed by V/Tape, Toronto.
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