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   Nell Tenhaaf
Orphaned Life-Form
Video still
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1995 [colour, 2 min. 32 sec.]
(fluorescent lightbox with shaped plexiglass and Duratrans transparency)

Orphaned Life Form and Apparatus for Self-Organization are my first very simple and very intuitive stabs at representing artificial life issues, such as principles of self-organization and self-reproduction. The light patterns are used to perceptually elicit patterns of randomness (in Orphaned Life Form) and biological development (in Apparatus for Self-Organization, where the light cluster splits into two, then four, then eight like a developing zygote). Marcel Duchamp's Le Grand Verre (The Large Glass) is quoted in the cloud-like shape of the Bride Stripped Bare, with its three skewed squares. Duchamp's work pictures a cycle of eternal self-generation between the Bachelor below and the Bride above.
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