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   Istvan Kantor
Brothers & Sisters
Video still
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2004 [Excerpt from video: colour, 72 min.; stereo / mini-dv master / NTSC.]

Script, music, sound, directed and edited by Istvan Kantor.
Computer animation: Dariusz Karnicki.
Edited at Bullseye Digital Post, Toronto.

Brothers & Sisters is a deliberately confrontational experimental video with socio-political edge, a dramatic fusion of manifesto like poetical statements commenting on the divers aspects of discriminative tendencies in technological society. Istvan Kantor continues to investigate multi-structural videographic presentation employing juxtaposed performance segments, overlapping layers of computer animation, biographical elements, photography, text and sounds. His fragmented narrative integrates ideological rhetoric, religious iconography, the phraseology of political activism, and flashbacks of childhood memories.