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   Istvan Kantor
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2000. Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.

Istvan Kantor's continuous interest in the file cabinet is not a simple physical fascination or aesthetic obscession with the object but it rather represents a wider theoretical involvement with robotic sculptural systems and kinesonic information mechanisms. The simple monolithic file cabinets today are linked together by computers and integrated into a giant network that functions as a world wide information furniture machinery.

Intercourse combines robotic sculpture and interactive video to connect old office furniture and new electronics. The simple act of opening/closing drawers of a file cabinet sets off a reaction in the other furnishing throughout the room. As the machinery of office furniture sculptures come to life, so do screened images of a naked body hooked up to electrodes. Insisting on the physical and on the presence and power of the body, Kantor entertains the possibility of transition, mutation and the beauty of the dialogue between electronics and body mechanics.