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   Istvan Kantor
Black Flag
Video still
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1998. [9 min. / stereo / col & bw / digitally mastered].

Script, sound, director: Istvan Kantor.
Computer animation, non-linear editing: Dariusz Karnicki.
Edited at Bullseye Digital Post, editor: Darren Jennekens.

Black Flag explores the architecture of textuality through the language of confrontation, contest and revolt. It juxtaposes the noise of the body-machine and fragmented passages of words to reflect direct relations to actual political issues (cutbacks, eliminations), social situations (poverty, daily survival) and individual existence (frustration, struggle). Its message is summed up in a political slogan, "Down with the government that starves us!", that repeatedly appears throughout the video, in the form of 3D animation and as refrain of a song, and seems to be the pillar of Black Flag.