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   Lyla Rye
Video still
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2000 [installation documentation: 5 min. 30 sec. with stereo audio / excerpt: 1 min. 9 sec.]

This work can also be shown as an installation on a TV monitor behind a wall, viewed through a circular hole, 5 cm / 2" in diameter.

The forlorn cry of a baby draws one to a hole in a wall through which we see the video of an infant's head. Our inaccessible proximity to the child emphacizes her isolation and her Buddha-like appearance ecokes an innocence and other worldly wisdom. During one continuous take, she slowly focuses on, contemplates, and becomes disturbed by the sound of another baby crying in the distance. In turn her cry intensifies until it drowns out the other baby. It then recedes into the background and the shot loops to begin the cycle again. As we stand helpless watching the baby and listening to her cries we realize life's potential for misery and compassion, but are forced by circumstance to simply tolerate her distress. Lyla Rye [from the Mercer Union invitation brochure, March 2 - April 8, 2000].
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