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Artist representation in the Canadian Art Database is by invitation of the CCCA, as recommended by the CCCA's advisers, and is based on the overall objectives of the documentation project. The artists retain ownership of all of their materials contained in the database, and it is their individual responsibility to keep their section up-to-date with new images, CV information, and texts.

There are currently 55,850 images of work by 667 artists available for viewing from the lists below.

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Lists of Artists by Category
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David Abecassis New York, New York, USA.
Vikky Alexander Victoria, British Columbia
Gisele Amantea Vancouver, British Columbia
Ingrid Bachmann Montreal, Quebec
Pat Badani Chicago, Illinois, USA
Shelly Bahl Toronto, Ontario
Laura Baird Vancouver, British Columbia
Jo-Anne Balcaen Montreal, Quebec
Jon Baturin Toronto, Ontario
Iain BAXTER& Windsor, Ontario
Claire Beaulieu Montreal, Quebec
Mathieu Beauséjour Montreal, Quebec
Rebecca Belmore Winnipeg, Manitoba
Ron Benner London, Ontario
Patrick Bérubé Montreal, Quebec
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins Toronto, Ontario
Peter Bowyer Toronto, Ontario
Eva Brandl Montreal, Quebec
Roland Brener (1942-2006) Victoria, British Columbia
K.J. (Jack) Butler Hamilton, Ontario
Jane Buyers Elmira, Ontario
Ian Carr-Harris Toronto, Ontario
Lyn Carter Orton, Ontario
David Cheung Toronto, Ontario
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia
Robin Collyer Toronto, Ontario
Thomas Corriveau Laval, Quebec
Mario Côté Montreal, Quebec
Linda Covit Montreal, Quebec
Cozic Longueuil, Quebec
Marlene Creates Portugal Cove, Newfoundland
Christine Davis Toronto, Ontario
Raphaëlle de Groot Montreal, Quebec
Tom Dean Toronto, Ontario
Shawna Dempsey & Lorri Millan Winnipeg, Manitoba
Sarindar Dhaliwal Toronto, Ontario
Don Druick Elmira, Ontario
Andrew Dutkewytch Montreal, Quebec
Aganetha Dyck Winnipeg, Manitoba
Geoffrey Farmer Vancouver, British Columbia
Susan Feindel Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Vera Frenkel Toronto, Ontario
Joan Frick (1942-2011) Toronto, Ontario
Pnina C. Gagnon Montreal, Quebec
Stéphane Gilot Montreal, Quebec
Trevor Gould Montreal, Quebec
Rose-Marie Goulet Montreal, Quebec
Angela Grauerholz Montreal, Quebec
Sandra Gregson Toronto, Ontario
Iris Häussler Toronto, Ontario
Libby Hague Toronto, Ontario
Noel Harding (1945-2016) Toronto, Ontario
Jamelie Hassan London, Ontario
Dieter Hastenteufel Flesherton, Ontario
Isabelle Hayeur Montreal, Quebec
Catherine Heard Toronto, Ontario
Nelson Henricks Montréal, Québec
John Heward (1934-2018) Montreal, Quebec
April Hickox Toronto, Ontario
Stephen Hogbin Wiarton, Ontario
Risa Horowitz Toronto, Ontario
Liz Ingram Edmonton, Alberta
Sophia Isajiw Turlock, California
Carole Itter Vancouver, British Columbia
Luis Jacob Toronto, Ontario
Katja Jacobs Toronto, Ontario
Joan Kaufman Toronto, Ontario
Shelagh Keeley New York, NY, USA & Toronto, Ontario
Christian Kiopini Montreal, Quebec
Paul Kipps (1948-2014) Toronto, Ontario
Lylian Klimek Calgary, Alberta
Germaine Koh Toronto, Ontario
Peter Krausz Montreal, Quebec
Nobuo Kubota Toronto, Ontario
Manuela Lalic Montreal, Quebec
Gordon Lebredt (1948-2011) Toronto, Ontario
Maria Legault Toronto, Ontario
Miklos Legrady Toronto, Ontario
Nina Levitt Toronto, Ontario
Glenn Lewis Roberts Creek, British Columbia
Micah Lexier Toronto, Ontario
Fae Logie Bowen Island, British Columbia
Michèle Lorrain Sainte-Louise, Quebec
Toby Chapman MacLennan New York, New York, USA
Andres Manniste Montreal, Quebec
Kelly Mark Toronto, Ontario
Walter May Calgary, Alberta
Kegan McFadden Victoria, British Columbia
Gerald R. McMaster Ottawa, Ontario
Robert McNealy Vancouver, British Columbia
Fred McSherry Montreal, Quebec
Sandra Meigs Victoria, British Columbia
Sally Michener West Vancouver, British Columbia
Pierrette Mondou Montreal, Quebec
Monique Mongeau Montreal, Quebec
Janet Morton Walsingham, Ontario
Guy Nadeau Montreal, Quebec
Pam Patterson Toronto, Ontario
Andy Patton Toronto, Ontario
Guy Pellerin Montreal, Quebec
Ed Pien Toronto, Ontario
Mireille Plamondon Montreal, Quebec
Margaret Priest Toronto, Ontario
Richard Purdy Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec
Warren Quigley Toronto, Ontario
Anne Ramsden Vancouver, British Columbia
Randy & Berenicci Toronto, Ontario
Reinhard Reitzenstein Grimsby, Ontario
Ted Rettig Toronto, Ontario
Denis Rousseau Montreal, Quebec
Lyla Rye Toronto, Ontario
Sylvia Safdie Montreal, Quebec
Paul-Émile Saulnier Rimouski, Quebec
Susan Schelle Toronto, Ontario
Ruth Scheuing Vancouver, British Columbia
Kathleen Sellars Montreal, Quebec
Susan Shantz Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Yvonne Singer Toronto, Ontario
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario
Arlene Stamp Calgary, Alberta
Penelope Stewart Toronto, Ontario
Reva Stone Winnipeg, Manitoba
Max Streicher Toronto, Ontario
Pierre-Léon Tétreault Montreal, Quebec
Jeannie Thib (1955-2013) Toronto, Ontario
Patrick Thibert Mt. Brydges, Ontario
Karen Trask Montreal, Quebec
Adrienne Trent Toronto, Ontario
Renée Van Halm Vancouver, British Columbia
Bill Vazan Montreal, Quebec
Laura Vickerson Calgary, Alberta
Laurie Walker (1962-2011) Montreal, Quebec
Colette Whiten Toronto, Ontario
Tim Whiten Toronto, Ontario
Catherine Widgery Truro, Massachusetts, USA
Anna Williams Ottawa, Ontario
Shirley Yanover Toronto, Ontario
Jin-me Yoon Vancouver, British Columbia
Badanna Zack Toronto, Ontario