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Artist representation in the Canadian Art Database is by invitation of the CCCA, as recommended by the CCCA's advisers, and is based on the overall objectives of the documentation project. The artists retain ownership of all of their materials contained in the database, and it is their individual responsibility to keep their section up-to-date with new images, CV information, and texts.

There are currently 55,850 images of work by 667 artists available for viewing from the lists below.

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Lists of Artists by Category
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David Abecassis New York, New York, USA.
John Abrams Toronto, Ontario
Michael Adamson Toronto, Ontario
Shelley Adler Toronto, Ontario
Ralph Allen Kingston, Ontario
Barry Allikas Montreal, Quebec
Sandra Altwerger Toronto, Ontario
Stephen Andrews Toronto, Ontario
Sheila Ayearst Toronto, Ontario
Pat Badani Chicago, Illinois, USA
Shelly Bahl Toronto, Ontario
Wally Ballach Gordes, France
Ed Bartram (1938-2019) King City, Ontario
Iain BAXTER& Windsor, Ontario
Catherine Beaudette Toronto, Ontario
Claire Beaulieu Montreal, Quebec
Paul Béliveau Quebec, Quebec
Lori-Ann Bellissimo Toronto, Ontario
Kathryn Bemrose Toronto, Ontario
Kevin Benson Ottawa, Ontario
David Bierk (1944-2002) Peterborough, Ontario
Rudolf Bikkers Toronto, Ontario
David Blatherwick Montreal, Quebec
Ronald Bloore (1925-2009) Toronto, Ontario
Lise Boisseau Montreal, Quebec
David Bolduc (1945-2010) Toronto, Ontario
Ross Bollerup Rosedale, British Columbia
Andrea Bolley Toronto, Ontario
Wayne Boucher Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Yves Bouliane Montreal, Quebec
Jordan Broadworth New York, New York, USA.
John Brown (1953-2020) Toronto, Ontario
David Buller (d. 2001) Toronto, Ontario
Brian Burke (1952-2017) Mount Stewart, Prince Edward Island
Brian Burnett Toronto, Ontario
Dennis Burton (1933-2013) Vancouver, British Columbia
K.J. (Jack) Butler Hamilton, Ontario
Tony Calzetta Toronto, Ontario
Alex Cameron Toronto, Ontario
Graham Cantieni Montreal, Quebec
Robert-Ralph Carmichael Echo Bay, Ontario
David Cheung Toronto, Ontario
John Clark (1943-1989) Lethbridge, Alberta
Moira Clark Toronto, Ontario
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia
Susan Collacott Cobble Hill, British Columbia
Nicole Collins Toronto, Ontario
Thomas Corriveau Laval, Quebec
Terry Cosgrove Toronto, Ontario
Mario Côté Montreal, Quebec
Greg Curnoe (1936-1992) London, Ontario
Cathy Daley Toronto, Ontario
Michael Davidson Toronto, Ontario
Blaise DeLong Toronto, Ontario
Sarindar Dhaliwal Toronto, Ontario
Lynn Donoghue (1953-2003) Toronto, Ontario
Adèle Duck Windsor, Ontario
Cheryl Kolak Dudek Montreal, Quebec
Caroline Dukes (1929-2003) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Christopher Lea Dunning Ottawa, Ontario
Pat Durr Ottawa, Ontario
Renée Duval Montreal, Quebec
Jane Eccles Bowmanville, Ontario
Ron Eccles Bowmanville, Ontario
Dennis Ekstedt Montreal, Quebec
Ric Evans Toronto, Ontario
Cliff Eyland (1954-2020) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Andy Fabo Toronto, Ontario
André Fauteux Toronto, Ontario
Susan Feindel Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Terry Fenton Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Frances Ferdinands Toronto, Ontario
Gerald Ferguson (1937-2009) Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rob Flack (1957-1993) Toronto, Ontario
Robert Fones Toronto, Ontario
Paul Fournier Toronto, Ontario
John Fox (1927-2008) Montreal, Quebec
Carole Freeman Toronto, Ontario
Joan Frick (1942-2011) Toronto, Ontario
Pnina C. Gagnon Montreal, Quebec
Bernard Gamoy Montreal, Quebec
Dennis Geden North Bay, Ontario
Monique Genton Vancouver, British Columbia
William Gill St. John's, Newfoundland
Alan Glicksman Toronto, Ontario
Sybil Goldstein (1954-2012) Toronto, Ontario
Trevor Gould Montreal, Quebec
Steve Gouthro Winnipeg, Manitoba
K.M. Graham (1913-2008) Toronto, Ontario
Pnina Granirer Vancouver, British Columbia
Dieter Grund Oakville, Ontario
Janice Gurney Toronto, Ontario
Sadko Hadzihasanovic Toronto, Ontario
David Hall Montreal, Quebec
John Hall Kelowna, British Columbia
Joice Hall Kelowna, British Columbia
Caroline Lindsay Hart St. Henri, Quebec
John Hartman Penetanguishene, Ontario
Dieter Hastenteufel Flesherton, Ontario
Isabelle Hayeur Montreal, Quebec
Douglas Haynes (1936-2016) Edmonton, Alberta
Bruce Head (1931-2009) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Catherine Heard Toronto, Ontario
Robert Hedrick Toronto, Ontario
Susanna Heller New York, New York, USA
Janet Hendershot Toronto, Ontario
John Heward (1934-2018) Montreal, Quebec
David Hlynsky Toronto, Ontario
Robert Houle Toronto, Ontario
Dan Hudson Canmore, Alberta
Simon Hughes Winnipeg, Manitoba
Jacques Hurtubise (1939-2014) Margaree Harbour, Nova Scotia
Natalka Husar Toronto, Ontario
Katja Jacobs Toronto, Ontario
Harlan Johnson Montreal, Quebec
Rae Johnson (1953-2020) Toronto, Ontario
Thérèse Joyce-Gagnon Outremont, Quebec
Brian Jungen Vancouver, British Columbia
Hillel Kagan Toronto, Ontario
Gyula Kalko Toronto, Ontario
Gertrude Kearns Toronto, Ontario
Shelagh Keeley New York, NY, USA & Toronto, Ontario
Nancy Kembry Toronto, Ontario
Katja (MacLeod) Kessin (1959-2006) Montreal, Quebec
Christian Kiopini Montreal, Quebec
Brian Kipping (1953-2007) Toronto, Ontario
Christine Kirouac Winnipeg, Manitoba
Doug Kirton Waterloo, Ontario
Germaine Koh Toronto, Ontario
Peter Krausz Montreal, Quebec
Anda Kubis Toronto, Ontario
Stéphane La Rue Montreal, Quebec
Michel Lagacé Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Quebec
Miklos Legrady Toronto, Ontario
Rita Letendre Toronto, Ontario
Suzelle Levasseur Montreal, Quebec
Kenneth Lochhead (1926-2006) Ottawa, Ontario
Michèle Lorrain Sainte-Louise, Quebec
Craig Stuart Love Winnipeg, Manitoba
John MacGregor Toronto, Ontario
Landon Mackenzie Vancouver, British Columbia
Sheila Maki Markham, Ontario
Jo Manning Victoria, British Columbia
Andres Manniste Montreal, Quebec
Robert Marchessault Shanty Bay, Ontario
Robert Markle (1936-1990) Holstein, Ontario
Lauréat Marois Quebec City, Quebec
Jane Martin Toronto, Ontario
Carol Martyn (1916-1995) Toronto, Ontario
Doris McCarthy (1910-2010) Toronto, Ontario
David McClyment Toronto, Ontario
Barbara McGivern Toronto, Ontario
Gerald R. McMaster Ottawa, Ontario
Sandra Meigs Victoria, British Columbia
Michael Merrill Montreal, Quebec
Graham Metson Ottawa, Ontario
Frank Mikuska Winnioeg, Manitoba
Richard Mongiat Toronto, Ontario
Shaun Morin Winnipeg, Manitoba
Joseph Muscat Toronto, Ontario
Sarah Nind Toronto, Ontario
Daphne Odjig (1919-2016) Anglemont, British Columbia
Natalie Olanick Montreal, Quebec
Frances Patella Toronto, Ontario
Andy Patton Toronto, Ontario
Graham Peacock Edmonton, Alberta
Guy Pellerin Montreal, Quebec
Bev Pike Winnipeg, Manitoba
Leopold Plotek Montreal, Quebec
Howard Podeswa Toronto, Ontario
Mary Pratt St. John's, Newfoundland
Margaret Priest Toronto, Ontario
Glenn Priestley Fredericton, New Brunswick
William Pura Stonewall, Manitoba
Richard Purdy Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec
Brigitte Radecki Montreal, Quebec
Gordon Rayner (1935-2010) Toronto, Ontario
Mary Reardon Halifax, Nova Scotia
Leslie Reid Ottawa, Ontario
Stan Repar Toronto, Ontario
Lili Richard Brossard [Longueuil], Quebec
Milly Ristvedt Tamworth, Ontario
Melanie Rocan Winnipeg, Manitoba
Su Rogers Lunenburg, Nova Scotia
Bill Rose St. John's, Newfoundland
Carmen Ruschiensky Lachine, Quebec
Erica Rutherford (1923-2008) Pinette, Prince Edward Island
Sylvia Safdie Montreal, Quebec
Julian Samuel Montreal, Quebec
Roger Savage Liverpool, Nova Scotia
Susan G. Scott Montreal, Quebec
Christina Sealey Hamilton, Ontario
Marc Séguin Montreal, Quebec
Ranjan Sen Vancouver, British Columbia
Gerald Sevier Toronto, Ontario
Jaclyn Shoub Toronto, Ontario
Ron Shuebrook Toronto, Ontario
Eric Simon Hudson, Quebec
Gregg Simpson Bowen Island, British Columbia
Judy Singer Toronto, Ontario
Fiona Smyth Toronto, Ontario
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario
Arlene Stamp Calgary, Alberta
Harry Stanbridge Victoria, British Columbia
Françoise Sullivan Montreal, Quebec
Cathy Summers Toronto, Ontario
Carol Sutton Toronto, Ontario
Ernestine Tahedl King City, Ontario
Takao Tanabe Parksville, British Columbia
Monica Tap Toronto, Ontario
Tony Tascona (1926-2006) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Alice Teichert Campbellcroft, Ontario
Ron Terada Vancouver, British Columbia
Pierre-Léon Tétreault Montreal, Quebec
David Thauberger Regina, Saskatchewan
Joanne Tod Toronto, Ontario
Françoise Tounissoux Montreal, Quebec
Angus Trudeau (1905-1984) Manitoulin Island, Ontario
Tony Urquhart Stratford, Ontario
Renée Van Halm Vancouver, British Columbia
Daniel Villeneuve New York, New York, USA
François Vincent Montreal, Quebec
Lorne Wagman Owen Sound, Ontario
Marion Wagschal Montreal, Quebec
Carol Wainio Ottawa, Ontario
Ian Wallace Vancouver, British Columbia
Ken Wallace Vancouver, British Columbia
Bert Weir Parry Sound, Ontario
Joyce Wieland (1931-1998) Toronto, Ontario
Catherine Wild Montreal, Quebec
Kate Wilson Toronto, Ontario
Tony Wilson (1944-1991) Toronto, Ontario
Robert Wolfe (1935-2003) Montreal, Quebec
Brian Wood New York, New York, USA