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Artist representation in the Canadian Art Database is by invitation of the CCCA, as recommended by the CCCA's advisers, and is based on the overall objectives of the documentation project. The artists retain ownership of all of their materials contained in the database, and it is their individual responsibility to keep their section up-to-date with new images, CV information, and texts.

There are currently 55,850 images of work by 667 artists available for viewing from the lists below.

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Lists of Artists by Category
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Alex Abdilla Vancouver, British Columbia
Vikky Alexander Victoria, British Columbia
Sara Angelucci Toronto, Ontario
Isaac Applebaum Toronto, Ontario
John Armstrong & Paul Collins Toronto, Ontario / Paris, France
Barbara Astman Toronto, Ontario
Shelly Bahl Toronto, Ontario
Laura Baird Vancouver, British Columbia
Jo-Anne Balcaen Montreal, Quebec
Marian Penner Bancroft Vancouver, British Columbia
David Barbour Ottawa, Ontario
Jon Baturin Toronto, Ontario
Iain BAXTER& Windsor, Ontario
Ron Benner London, Ontario
Dianne Bos Toronto, Ontario
David Buller (d. 2001) Toronto, Ontario
Edward Burtynsky Toronto, Ontario
David Cheung Toronto, Ontario
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia
Lynne Cohen Montreal, Quebec
Sorel Cohen Montreal, Quebec
Paul Collins & John Armstrong Toronto, Ontario / Paris, France
Robin Collyer Toronto, Ontario
Diane Colwell Calgary, Alberta
Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge Toronto, Ontario
Susan Coolen Montreal, Quebec
Thomas Corriveau Laval, Quebec
Mario Côté Montreal, Quebec
Linda Covit Montreal, Quebec
Marlene Creates Portugal Cove, Newfoundland
Christine Davis Toronto, Ontario
Gabrielle de Montmollin Toronto, Ontario
Stan Denniston Toronto, Ontario
Christos Dikeakos Vancouver, British Columbia
William Eakin Winnipeg, Manitoba
Eldon Garnet Toronto, Ontario
Monique Genton Vancouver, British Columbia
Simon Glass Toronto, Ontario
Rafael Goldchain Toronto, Ontario
Mark Gomes Toronto, Ontario
Angela Grauerholz Montreal, Quebec
Ralph Greenhill (1924-1996) Guelph, Ontario
Janice Gurney Toronto, Ontario
Arni Haraldsson Vancouver, British Columbia
Jamelie Hassan London, Ontario
Dieter Hastenteufel Flesherton, Ontario
Isabelle Hayeur Montreal, Quebec
Catherine Heard Toronto, Ontario
April Hickox Toronto, Ontario
David Hlynsky Toronto, Ontario
Dan Hudson Canmore, Alberta
Nicole Jolicoeur Montreal, Quebec
Katja (MacLeod) Kessin (1959-2006) Montreal, Quebec
Holly King Montreal, Quebec
Katherine Knight Toronto, Ontario
Suzy Lake Toronto, Ontario
Margaret Lawther Lennoxville, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia
Miklos Legrady Toronto, Ontario
Louise Levergneux Ottawa, Ontario
Nina Levitt Toronto, Ontario
Doreen Lindsay Montreal, Quebec
Paul Litherland Montreal, Quebec
Peter MacCallum Toronto, Ontario
Cyndra MacDowall Windsor, Ontario
Dyan Marie Toronto, Ontario
Kegan McFadden Victoria, British Columbia
Warren Murfitt Vancouver, British Columbia
Joseph Muscat Toronto, Ontario
Sarah Nind Toronto, Ontario
Jeff Nolte Toronto, Ontario
Art Perry Vancouver, British Columbia
William Pura Stonewall, Manitoba
Anne Ramsden Vancouver, British Columbia
Frank Rodick Toronto, Ontario
Jocelyne Belcourt Salem Toronto, Ontario
Carol Sawyer Vancouver, British Columbia
Susan Schelle Toronto, Ontario
Jaclyn Shoub Toronto, Ontario
Elizabeth Siegfried Toronto, Ontario
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario
Penelope Stewart Toronto, Ontario
Andrea Szilasi Montreal, Quebec
Gabor Szilasi Montreal, Quebec
Serge Tousignant Montreal, Quebec
George Webber Calgary, Alberta
Mandy Williams Vancouver, British Columbia
Kelly Wood Toronto, Ontario
Jin-me Yoon Vancouver, British Columbia
Anne Zbitnew Toronto, Ontario