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Artist representation in the Canadian Art Database is by invitation of the CCCA, as recommended by the CCCA's advisers, and is based on the overall objectives of the documentation project. The artists retain ownership of all of their materials contained in the database, and it is their individual responsibility to keep their section up-to-date with new images, CV information, and texts.

There are currently 55,850 images of work by 667 artists available for viewing from the lists below.

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David Abecassis New York, New York, USA.
Barnabus Akkanashoonark Qamanittuaq [Baker Lake], Nunavut
Vikky Alexander Victoria, British Columbia
Karoo Ashevak Talurqjuaq [Taloyoak/Spence Bay], Nunavut
Barbara Astman Toronto, Ontario
Iain BAXTER& Windsor, Ontario
Claire Beaulieu Montreal, Quebec
Liliana Berezowsky Montreal, Quebec
Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins Toronto, Ontario
Peter Bowyer Toronto, Ontario
Roland Brener (1942-2006) Victoria, British Columbia
Barbara Brown Ottawa, Ontario
K.J. (Jack) Butler Hamilton, Ontario
Jane Buyers Elmira, Ontario
Tony Calzetta Toronto, Ontario
Ian Carr-Harris Toronto, Ontario
Lyn Carter Orton, Ontario
Kai Chan Toronto, Ontario
Thomas Corriveau Laval, Quebec
Linda Covit Montreal, Quebec
Cozic Longueuil, Quebec
Cathy Daley Toronto, Ontario
Tom Dean Toronto, Ontario
Gilles Desaulniers Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Andrew Dutkewytch Montreal, Quebec
Aganetha Dyck Winnipeg, Manitoba
Kosso Eloul (1920-1995) Toronto, Ontario
Isaci Etidloie Kinngait [Cape Dorset], Nunavut
André Fauteux Toronto, Ontario
Robert Fones Toronto, Ontario
Joan Frick (1942-2011) Toronto, Ontario
William Gill St. John's, Newfoundland
Stéphane Gilot Montreal, Quebec
Mark Gomes Toronto, Ontario
Trevor Gould Montreal, Quebec
Rose-Marie Goulet Montreal, Quebec
Sandra Gregson Toronto, Ontario
Doug Guildford Toronto, Ontario
Noel Harding (1945-2016) Toronto, Ontario
Dieter Hastenteufel Flesherton, Ontario
Bruce Head (1931-2009) Winnipeg, Manitoba
Catherine Heard Toronto, Ontario
Robert Hedrick Toronto, Ontario
John Heward (1934-2018) Montreal, Quebec
Stephen Hogbin Wiarton, Ontario
Jack Jeffrey Vancouver, British Columbia
John Kavik Kangiqlliniq [Rankin Inlet], Nunavut
Lylian Klimek Calgary, Alberta
Ronald Kostyniuk Calgary, Alberta
Jim Krieger Roberts Creek, British Columbia
Nobuo Kubota Toronto, Ontario
Floyd Kuptana Paulatuk, Northwest Territories / Toronto, Ontario
Jean Lantier Montreal, Quebec
Evan Levy Toronto, Ontario
Fae Logie Bowen Island, British Columbia
Susan Low-Beer Toronto, Ontario
John MacGregor Toronto, Ontario
Walter May Calgary, Alberta
John McKinnon Toronto, Ontario
Sally Michener West Vancouver, British Columbia
Warren Murfitt Vancouver, British Columbia
Joseph Muscat Toronto, Ontario
Guy Nadeau Montreal, Quebec
Gunter Nolte (1938-2000) Fournier, Ontario
Elizabeth Nutaraluk Aqviat [Arviat], Nunavut
John Pangnark Aqviat [Arviat], Nunavut
David Pellettier Toronto, Ontario
Terry L. Pfliger (1947-2016) Bridgman, Michigan, USA
David Ruben Piqtoukun Paulatuk, Northwest Territories
Okpik Pitseolak Kinngait [Cape Dorset], Nunavut
Mireille Plamondon Montreal, Quebec
Peter Powning Sussex, New Brunswick
Richard E. Prince Vancouver, British Columbia
Don Proch Winnipeg, Manitoba
Richard Purdy Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec
Warren Quigley Toronto, Ontario
Anne Ramsden Vancouver, British Columbia
Halyna Mordowanec Regenbogen Windsor, Ontario
Ted Rettig Toronto, Ontario
Evelyn Roth Maslin Beach, Australia
Lyla Rye Toronto, Ontario
Sylvia Safdie Montreal, Quebec
Ruth Scheuing Vancouver, British Columbia
Kathleen Sellars Montreal, Quebec
Susan Shantz Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Yvonne Singer Toronto, Ontario
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario
Linda Stanbridge Victoria, British Columbia
Sarah Stevenson Montreal, Quebec
Reva Stone Winnipeg, Manitoba
Françoise Sullivan Montreal, Quebec
Joe Talirunili Puvirnituq, Nunavik [Arctic Quebec]
Lucy Tasseor Tutsweetok (1934-2012) Aqviat [Arviat], Nunavut
Carl Taçon Orton, Ontario
Jeannie Thib (1955-2013) Toronto, Ontario
Patrick Thibert Mt. Brydges, Ontario
John Tiktak Kangiqlliniq [Rankin Inlet], Nunavut
Françoise Tounissoux Montreal, Quebec
Karen Trask Montreal, Quebec
Oviloo Tunnillie Kinngait [Cape Dorset], Nunavut
Tony Urquhart Stratford, Ontario
Bill Vazan Montreal, Quebec
Laurie Walker (1962-2011) Montreal, Quebec
Colette Whiten Toronto, Ontario
Tim Whiten Toronto, Ontario
Catherine Widgery Truro, Massachusetts, USA
Shirley Yanover Toronto, Ontario
Badanna Zack Toronto, Ontario