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Artist representation in the Canadian Art Database is by invitation of the CCCA, as recommended by the CCCA's advisers, and is based on the overall objectives of the documentation project. The artists retain ownership of all of their materials contained in the database, and it is their individual responsibility to keep their section up-to-date with new images, CV information, and texts.

There are currently 53,508 images of work by 641 artists available for viewing from the lists below.

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Lists of Artists by Residence
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Locations Outside Canada
Locations Outside Canada

David Abecassis New York, New York, USA.
Pat Badani Chicago, Illinois, USA
Jordan Broadworth New York, New York, USA.
Susanna Heller New York, New York, USA
Sophia Isajiw Turlock, California
Laura Letinsky Chicago, Illinois, USA
Toby Chapman MacLennan New York, New York, USA
Bobbie Oliver New York, New York, USA
Tim Porter Tokyo, Japan
Vincent Trasov Berlin, Germany
Catherine Widgery Truro, Massachusetts, USA
Neena Arora Fort Lee, New Jersey
Wally Ballach Gordes, France
Magdalen Celestino Houston, Texas, USA
Lucy Hogg Washington, District of Columbia, USA
George Legrady Santa Barbara, California, USA
Les Levine New York, New York, USA
Jillian Mcdonald Brooklyn, New York, USA
Terry L. Pfliger (1947-2016) Bridgman, Michigan, USA
Evelyn Roth Maslin Beach, Australia
Daniel Villeneuve New York, New York, USA
Brian Wood New York, New York, USA