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Lists of Artists by Residence
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Edmund Alleyn (1931-2004) Montreal
Pierre Ayot (1943-1995) Montreal
Jo-Anne Balcaen Montreal
Mathieu Beauséjour Montreal
Liliana Berezowsky Montreal
David Blatherwick Montreal
Philippe Boissonnet Montreal
Yves Bouliane Montreal
Eva Brandl Montreal
Lynne Cohen Montreal
Susan Coolen Montreal
Mario Côté Montreal
Linda Covit Montreal
Donigan Cumming Montreal
Gilles Desaulniers Trois Rivieres
Michèle Drouin Montreal
Tagny Duff Montreal
Renée Duval Montreal
Romany Eveleigh Montreal
Pnina C. Gagnon Montreal
Bernard Gamoy Montreal
Trevor Gould Montreal
Angela Grauerholz Montreal
Caroline Lindsay Hart St. Henri
John Heward (1934-2018) Montreal
Harlan Johnson Montreal
Thérèse Joyce-Gagnon Outremont
Katja (MacLeod) Kessin (1959-2006) Montreal
Christian Kiopini Montreal
Stéphane La Rue Montreal
Manuela Lalic Montreal
Margaret Lawther Lennoxville and Vancouver, British Columbia
Doreen Lindsay Montreal
Janet Logan Montreal
Michèle Lorrain Sainte-Louise
Lauréat Marois Quebec City
marshalore Montreal
Michael Merrill Montreal
Pierrette Mondou Montreal
Marie-Jeanne Musiol Hull
Guy Nadeau Montreal
Guy Pellerin Montreal
Leopold Plotek Montreal
Roland Poulin Sainte-Angèle-de-Monnoir
Bertrand R. Pitt Montreal
Lili Richard Brossard [Longueuil]
Carmen Ruschiensky Lachine
Julian Samuel Montreal
Paul-Émile Saulnier Rimouski
Susan G. Scott Montreal
Kathleen Sellars Montreal
Eric Simon Hudson
Sarah Stevenson Montreal
Françoise Sullivan Montreal
Joe Talirunili Puvirnituq, Nunavik [Arctic Quebec]
Françoise Tounissoux Montreal
Karen Trask Montreal
Bill Vazan Montreal
Marion Wagschal Montreal
Catherine Wild Montreal
Barry Allikas Montreal
Ingrid Bachmann Montreal
Claire Beaulieu Montreal
Paul Béliveau Quebec
Patrick Bérubé Montreal
Lise Boisseau Montreal
Catherine Bolduc Montreal
Sylvain Bouthillette Montreal
Graham Cantieni Montreal
Sorel Cohen Montreal
Thomas Corriveau Laval
Sylvain Cousineau (1949-2013) Lachine
Cozic Longueuil
Raphaëlle de Groot Montreal
Pierre Dorion Montreal
Cheryl Kolak Dudek Montreal
Andrew Dutkewytch Montreal
Dennis Ekstedt Montreal
John Fox (1927-2008) Montreal
Yechel Gagnon Lonqueuil
Stéphane Gilot Montreal
Rose-Marie Goulet Montreal
David Hall Montreal
Isabelle Hayeur Montreal
Bettina Hoffmann Montreal
Nicole Jolicoeur Montreal
Anne Kahane Montreal
Holly King Montreal
Peter Krausz Montreal
Michel Lagacé Notre-Dame-du-Portage
Jean Lantier Montreal
Suzelle Levasseur Montreal
Paul Litherland Montreal
Naomi London Montreal
Andres Manniste Montreal
Marcel Marois Quebec City
Fred McSherry Montreal
Lynn Millette Montreal
Monique Mongeau Montreal
Nadia Myre Montreal
Natalie Olanick Montreal
Mireille Plamondon Montreal
Marisa Portolese Montreal
Richard Purdy Ste-Agathe-des-Monts
Brigitte Radecki Montreal
Denis Rousseau Montreal
Sylvia Safdie Montreal
Chuck Samuels Montreal
Stephen Schofield Montreal
Marc Séguin Montreal
Lorraine Simms Montreal
David Sorensen (1937-2011) Ayer's Cliff
J.W. Stewart Montreal
Andrea Szilasi Montreal
Pierre-Léon Tétreault Montreal
Serge Tousignant Montreal
Josette Trépanier Montreal
François Vincent Montreal
Laurie Walker (1962-2011) Montreal
Robert Wolfe (1935-2003) Montreal