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   Daniel Dugas
do_wild_loops; do_wild_jumps; [big ceo's talking to small bugs]

[do_wild_loops; do_wild_jumps; [big ceo?s talking to small bugs] was created during a residency at EMMEDIA, in Calgary, Alberta].

Working with the Cycling74 MAX/MSP and the Jitter programs I set up a series of mechanisms to download financial information from The Dow Company (the latest price of a share, the percentage change and the dollar change of a share), setting up a custom 'map of the market'. I use this information to affect and inflict changes on the selected movies, images and sound files inside the program. I created a structure where the visitors could re-write, if not history, at least the biographies of the Leaders. Visitors to the exhibition can select and erase the previous biography, write a new one and upload it on the server where the web site of this project is hosted.

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