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   Daniel Dugas
Location Location Location: We are getting closer

[A roaming wireless webcam expedition by Valerie LeBlanc and Daniel Dugas]

This project was part of the E-lounge presentations at the Atlantic Cultural Space: New Directions in Heritage & the Arts Conference held in Moncton, New Brunswick May 23 - 26, 2002. EMMEDIA in Calgary and the E-lounge conference facility at the University of Moncton served as stationary communication points in the compacted journey east by the two Calgary Artists. While travelling, LeBlanc and Dugas touched down to converse with people in major Canadian Centres. Interviews were streamed to both the Moncton and Calgary locations; visitors to EMMEDIA and the E-lounge at the University of Moncton contributed to conversations revolving around the cultural characteristics and benefits of living in particular urban locations. Participants in Calgary and Moncton were invited to guess the locations of the street interviews. Centres involved in the project : EMMEDIA in Calgary, The Atlantic Cultural Space Conference, Moncton, Videopool in Winnipeg and Saw video in Ottawa.

E-Lounge Curator for the Conference: Léa Deschamps

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