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   Valerie LeBlanc

[working wordsite, on-going]

Excerpt from: John Vast: The Public Exchange of Dreams in the Semi-consciousness of Multi-unit Dwellings

During the first few days of living there, I decided not to ask questions of the second floor tenant. I only saw him twice, but I experienced his worst visions, every night and every day. He would wake up screaming and would rave for minutes before stopping. Then everything would become quiet again. Snoring was his other outgoing message to the world. For six months he seemed to be sleeping off a life threatening experience, a long acquired exhaustion, heavy drugs, or a very bad trip. Once I heard him leave the apartment and I looked out into the courtyard. Fuzzy grey hair and a baseball hat were his most distinguishing features. A short time after that, I passed him in the hallway; and then one day a family moved in and he was seen no more. If he knew anything about the death of the man in my apartment, his capacity to communicate it moved out with him.

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