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The medium of sound is found in many contexts in the Canadian Art Database. It can be an artistic medium in and of itself, as is the case with sound art and music, and is often a vital component of physical installation art. It is also often an integral component of media art, such as film and video, as evidenced in many of the artist videos in the Database.

This section is intended to be a portal to the sound files and audio media found in the Canadian Art Database, providing a sense of the wide variety of artistic practices that involve the creation, manipulation and presentation of sonic material.

Alphabetical List of Artists working with Audio and Sound
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List of Artists working with Audio and Sound by Category

Audio Art
Artists whose work primarily involves the creation of 2-channel or multi-channel audio compositions, and audio art projects that make specific use of the internet for compositional, aesthetic or distributional purposes.

Daniel Dugas Calgary, Alberta

Sound Installation
Physical installation art where the production or presence of sound is of primary consequence.

Edmund Alleyn (1931-2004) Montréal, Québec 
Ingrid Bachmann Montreal, Quebec 
Gisele Amantea Vancouver, British Columbia 
Jo-Anne Balcaen Montreal, Quebec 
Jon Baturin Toronto, Ontario 
Janet Bellotto Toronto, Ontario 
Roland Brener (1942-2006) Victoria, British Columbia 
Jane Buyers Elmira, Ontario 
Ian Carr-Harris Toronto, Ontario 
Allyson Clay Vancouver, British Columbia 
Noel Harding Toronto, Ontario 
Catherine Heard Toronto, Ontario 
Paul Kipps Toronto, Ontario 
Germaine Koh Toronto, Ontario 
Anette Larsson Toronto, Ontario 
Micah Lexier Toronto, Ontario 
Warren Murfitt Vancouver, British Columbia 
Diane Pugen Toronto, Ontario 
Bertrand R. Pitt Montreal, Quebec 
Lyla Rye Toronto, Ontario 
Jocelyne Belcourt Salem Toronto, Ontario 
Carol Sawyer Vancouver, British Columbia 
Ruth Scheuing Vancouver, British Columbia 
Kathleen Sellars Montreal, Quebec 
Michael Snow Toronto, Ontario 
Arlene Stamp Calgary, Alberta 
Nell Tenhaaf Toronto, Ontario 
Laurel Woodcock Toronto, Ontario 
b.h. Yael Toronto, Ontario 
Jin-me Yoon Vancouver, British Columbia 

Sound Poetry
Spoken poetry that emphasizes the tonalities of the human voice over the words themselves.

Nobuo Kubota Toronto, Ontario  [Sound poetry video clip]

Audio performances and performances that involves sound as a significant element.

Neena Arora Fort Lee, New Jersey 
Dick Averns Calgary, Alberta 
Tagny Duff Montreal, Quebec 
Paul Litherland Montreal, Quebec 
marshalore Montreal, Quebec