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Wayne Boucher

Wayne Boucher was born in 1943 in Ontario. He studied at the Banff Centre and at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where he received his BFA in 1975. He moved to Greywood, Annapolis County, N.S. the following year to carry on his painting practice. He also became an active member of CAR/FAC and of Visual Arts Nova Scotia and was a founding member (1983) of the Annapolis Region Community Arts Council. He has exhibited solo and in groups at such galleries as St. Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax; the Dartmouth Heritage Museum, Dartmouth, N.S.; Glendon College, York University, Toronto; McMaster University Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario; and the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

As Susan Gibson Garvey wrote in her catalogue essay accompanying Boucher's 1996 Surfacing exhibition at Acadia University Art Gallery: 'The years spent carefully exploring formal visual language in black and white (with occasional forays into colour, but always employing a limited palette) were significant in laying the foundations for Boucher's later work. Just as his early geometric investigations inform and strengthen his later organic compositions, so the discipline of working mainly in black and white has given his current use of colour a special richness and intensity. After years of restraint, colour for Boucher is no mere indulgence, but something deliberately chosen. Exuberant and liberating it may be, but it is consciously and purposefully handled.'

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