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Andy Fabo

Andy Fabo is an artist, critic, curator and activist living in Toronto. Born and raised in Calgary, he attended the University of Calgary and the Alberta College of Art before he moved to Toronto in 1975. He has also lived in Paris, France (1972-73) and New York (1984-86) where he held the residency of the Canada Council studio at P.S.1. He first exhibited at Toronto's A Space in 1978 and has since shown extensively locally, nationally and internationally. He has received numerous grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Ontario Arts Council, and the Toronto Arts Council.

Andy Fabo first became known as a painter, in association with ChromaZone, the collective that spearheaded Toronto's figurative painting movement of the early eighties. Since the mid-eighties, however, he has made a shift in media and is now working primarily in drawing, installation, video and digital imaging. He considers drawing and collage to be the central pillars of his art practice. His work has always dealt with personal identity, often in a social context, focusing on his position as a gay man in this society.

As an art writer he has published in Parachute, Mix, Fuse, C magazine, Lola, Parallelogram, M5V, and Dance Connection in addition to numerous commissioned catalogue and brochure essays that have accompanied exhibitions by various artists. Most recently he wrote Parachute's cover feature, The Meaning of Flux in the Art of Tom Dean, about the artist chosen to represent Canada at the 1999 Venice Biennial

As one of the co-founders of ChromaZone (1981-85), Andy Fabo co-curated several exhibitions with other members of the collective. Most notoriously, Tim Jocelyn and Andy Fabo collaborated as the curators of monumental Chromaliving, exhibiting more than 250 artists in 10,00 sq. ft. of retail space in the Colonnade on Bloor Street. While a board member of Mercer Union (1987-91) he curated several exhibitions including Horror Vacuii, Belief Structure and Discordia Concors. In 1984 he mounted a survey of Toronto drawing (Desire ) for Gallery 101 in Ottawa. More recently he curated Declarative (1997) as part of the Ghostwriter series at Mercer Union and Spirited Away (1998), in collaboration with Michael Balser for A Space in Toronto.

Andy Fabo, in collaboration with his life partner of fifteen years, Michael Balser, has recently exhibited two digital data projection installations: Blue Convergence (2000, Eyelevel, Halifax, Nova Scotia) and The Motion of Light in Water (2001, SWG Gallery, Cornerbrook, Newfoundland). His last solo exhibition was Time Machine, a series of 24 silkscreen and acrylic paintings (the film for the screens was made from digital files) that reflected the collapsing of personal memory and media nostalgia in our media-saturated age.

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