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Doris Cowan

Todd Watts at the Yarlow / Salzman Gallery
May 26 — June 30 [ 1979 ]

artscanada, May / June 1979, #226 / 227, pg. 61.
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Todd Watts's On the Subject of Voyeurism (1978), a photographic triptych, was made by an unusual and painstaking method of multiple exposure. In the first panel a man sits in a dark loft. Behind him, through the window, the street tilts at an impossible angle; a white streetlight blazes over his right shoulder. In the second panel he is at some distance from the camera in a corner of the room. A girl in lace underwear, white-lit and ghostly in the foreground, floats past him towards us, looking back apprehensively at the mysterious watcher. In the third panel she shouts angrily at the camera's eye which has now become the voyeur, while a dark silhouette, whose ballet-skirt and weary attitude are both reminiscent of Degas, escapes down a corridor of light.

Watts frames a narrative in three parts: introduction, development and resolution. The images are clear, fresh and striking, yet for all that they remain enigmatic.

artscanada, May / June 1979, #226 / 227, pg. 61.

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