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K.M. Graham (1979)

Klonaridis Inc., May 12 - June 1, 1979

artscanada, May / June 1979, #226 / 227
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K.M. Graham's show of new work at Klonaridis Inc. included a softly coloured composition of wavering shapes suggesting magnified dots of sunlight reflected off water, or lily pads floating over the green-shadowed clear shallows at the edge of a northern lake. Working with acrylic on water-soaked canvas, Graham has produced a series of reminiscences —some of a holiday in Venice, some of the cottage in Algonquin Park where she has spent all her summers since she was a child. These are true abstractions from reality, memory transformed into the gentle greens, bright pinks and dark violets of the artist's candy-colour-and-twilight vision.

artscanada, May / June1979, #226 / 227

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