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October 19 - November 12, 1983
The Colonnade, Toronto

In October-November 1983 ChromaZone presented the Chromaliving exhibition in the vacant Harridges department store in the heart of downtown Toronto. This huge, sprawling installation of artist-made furniture, fashion, interior decor and installations by 150 artists was the hit of the fall art season.

In conjunction with this visually dense exhibition ChromaZone presented Chromaliving, a book which fully documented the show and its artists. Jennifer Oille wrote an introductory essay entitled "Cultural Cross-Dressing" and Andy Fabo wrote about the show itself in "Chromaliving – the facts."

    "The collapse of distinctions between fine art and popular visual culture is enough to break Clement Greenberg's heart."
    – John Bentley Mays, The Globe & Mail

    "A vast and dazzling show of imaginative alternative living environments."
    – Christopher Hume, The Toronto Star

Participating Artists

Press Releases
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Exhibition [view]
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Chromaliving Chronology/Timeline Entry

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