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Mondo Chroma, September 15 - October 3, 1981
"Provacative Show at ChromaZone", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 3, 1981.
Jennifer Oille. "Mondo Chroma ChromaZone Toronto, September 15 to October 12", Vanguard, December 1981/January 1982.
Ursula Pflug. "Co-op opens on Spadina".

The Fashion Show, December 18, 1981 / Gallery Installation, January 6, 1982 - January 16, 1982.
"Fashion Can Be Fun Dept", Style Magazine, February 2, 1982.
Christine Downs. "Fashion artists opt for leisure", The Gazette, Montreal, Tuesday, February 2, 1982.
Norman Hay. "Wearable Show at ChromaZone", artmagazine, May/June/July 1982.
Marilyn Morley. "Wearable art" The Toronto Sun, Thursday, December 17, 1981.
John Bentley Mays. "Tribal rites at ChromaZone", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, January 9, 1982.

ChromaZone Readings at the Cameron, February 5, 1982.
Karl Edward Jirgens. "White Slave Trade invades the Cameron", Toronto Arts New, March 1982.

Destroy Those Pictures, February 9 - 27, 1982.
Christopher Hume. "More than the eye immediately sees", The Sunday Star, February 21, 1982.
Andy Fabo. "ChromaZone review well off the mark", The Toronto Star, March 1982.

Analaga, March 9 - 27, 1982
John Bentley Mays. "Art from New York to Alberta", The Globe and Mail, Thursday, March 11, 1982.

Andrew James Paterson - Reading, March 12, 1982.
F. Bedoys. "Man in Android Freeze", Toronto Arts News, April 1982.

Site Specific, March 30 - April 17, 1982
Carole Corbeil. "Clocktower dismantling motivates timely satire", The Globe and Mail, Saturday,
April 10, 1982.
Andy Fabo. "T.O. Art News", Now Magazine, April 7, 1982.
Christopher Hume. "Higel's Tower", Sunday Star, April 11, 1982.

3 Contemporary Icon Painters, April 21, 1982 - May 8, 1982.
Richard Rhodes. "John Brown, Marc Deguerre, Neil Grieve", Vanguard, May/June/July, 1982.
Kate Daller. Stepping Out.

Monumenta, September 2 - 25, 1982
John Bentley Mays. "Drawing notice to new art", The Globe and Mail, Friday, September 3, 1982.
Christopher Hume."Representational art back with a vengeance", The Toronto Star, Saturday, September 4, 1982.

The Sport of Painting, November 3 - 20, 1982.
Christopher Hume. "Overwrought but exciting". The Toronto Star, Saturday, November 13, 1982.

OKromazone, December 6 - 24, 1982
Einstellungen Kunst. "Okromazone die Anderen von Kanada", Zitty Berlin, 1982.
John Bentley Mays. "Berlin is about to get a taste of the Canadian art scene", The Globe and Mail, April 2, 1982.
John Bentley Mays. "Visual art dominates OKananda's landscape", The Globe and Mail, May 8, 1982.
O. o Kanada Eune andere Ausstellung und eine Performance", Der Tages Spiegel, Freitag 10, Dezember, 1982.
Kunstforum, Berlin, January 1983.
"Toronto, Berlin in a suitcase", Art Monthly, #62, London, Dec1982/Jan1983.
Peter Hans Gopfert, "Rumour of Burnt Paint Brushes Reflection on OKanada at the Akademmie der Kunst", artmagazine,
    Spring, 1983.
Jennifer Oille. Vanguard, Summer 1983.

New Year, January 7 - 29, 1983
Jennifer Oille. "New Year, ChromaZone January 7 to 29", Vanguard, May 1983.
Christopher Hume. "Group shows take over galleries", Toronto Star, Saturday, January 22, 1983.

Jane Buyers & Paul Venables, April 7 - May 7, 1983
Christopher Hume. "A Buyers market for art Metro artist boxes her statement about urban life", Toronto Star, Saturday,
    May 7, 1983.

ChromaZone Closes Gallery, May 29, 1983
John Bentley Mays. "ChromaZone closes a bit of history", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, May 21, 1983.
Christpher Hume. "ChromaZone closes", Toronto Star, Saturday, May 28, 1983.

ChromaZone at the Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, October 1983
Denise Ball. "Five ChromaZone founders mount striking exhibition". The Leader Post, Regina, Thursday, October 13, 1983.

Chromaliving, October 19 - November 12, 1983
John Bentley Mays. "Promising profile of a hectic season", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, September 3, 1983.
Adele Freedman. "Artists organize Toronto home show with a difference", The Globe and Mail, Thursday, October 2, 1983.
Adele Freedman. "An Anti-home show that weds art to fashion", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 22, 1983.
John Bentley Mays. "Chromaliving proves traditions are dead", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, October 22, 1983.
Christopher Hume. "Chromaliving show shows art as lifestyle", The Toronto Star, Saturday, October 22, 1983.
David Livingstone. "The Meaning of Clothes", The Globe and Mail, Tuesday, October 25, 1983.
Dale Anne Freed. "Chaise is the place to lounge", The Globe and Mail, Thursday, October 27, 1983.
Bill Tomlinson. "October Gallery Round Up", Art Post, Volume 1, No. 6, November, 1983.
Nick Sheehan. "New Designs for Living". NOW, November 3-9, 1983.
"ChromaZone in the Colonnade", Slate, November 1983.
Marilyn Morley. "Chromaliving exhibit homes in with humor", The Toronto Sun, Thursday, November 3, 1983.
David Vereschagin. "Life in the ChromaZone", Body Politic, No. 99, December, 1983.
"Chromaliving, The Harridges's women's-wear store", Artforum, February, 1984.
"Chromaliving", Domus, #648, 1984.
J.H. "From Blah House to Our House", Flare, February, 1984.
Tim Jocelyn. "Settling Accounts", C Magazine, 1984.
Christopher Hume. "New life breathed into art scene", Toronto Star, Saturday, December 31, 1983.

Kromalaffing, February 4 - 25, 1984
Christopher Hume. "The bottom line", Toronto Star, February 1984.
Duncan Keir. "Kromalaffing", Profile, February, 1984.

ChromaZone / Chromatique at Concordia Art Gallery, Concordia University, Montréal, February 8 - March 3, 1984
Rossana Coriandell. "ChromaZone", The Concordian, Wednesday, February 8, 1994.
"Chromazone show opens at gallery", The Thursday Report, Concordia University, Vol. 7, No. 8, February 9, 1984.
Stuart Wilson. "Chromazone comes to Concordia", The Montreal Downtowner, Wednesday, February 29, 1984.
Lawrence Sabbath. "ChromaZone", The Gazette, Montreal, Saturday, February 25, 1984.
"ChromaZone', Parachute, Montreal, June 1984.
Jean Tourangeau. "Chromazone/Chromatique", Vanguard, April, 1984.
"ChromaZone", Vie des Arts, Vol. 29, No. 15, June 1984.

Cross OT - Seven From Berlin, April 2 - 14, 1984
John Bentley Mays. "Sampling the newest of german art", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, April 7, 1984.
Martin Dowling. "OT Cross", Vanguard, Summer 1984.

Painting Beyond the Zone, May 18 - June 2, 1984
Nick Sheehan. "Painting the Town", Now, Vol. 3, No. 36, May 17-23, 1984.
John Bentley Mays. "Art that's the talk and the toast of the town", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, May 19, 1984.
Christopher Hume. "Underground art comes to light", Toronto Star, Friday, May 25, 1984.

General, September 1984
John Bentley Mays. Summer art drought's over and the shows must go on, The Globe and Mail, Thursday,
    September 6, 1984.

ChromaZone / Chromatique at Language Plus, Alma, Québec; Galerie Obscure, Québec, Québec, May 1985
Marie Delagrave. "Directly from Toronto", Le Soleil, Québec, samedi, le 24 mai, 1985.

Fire + Ice, November 29, 1985 - January 10, 1986
Fire and Ice Oder. "Toronto Gruesst Zuerich", Galerien_Gazette, Zurichm 38 Dezember, 1985.
"Engagiert und pathetisch", Bilder Urs Siegenthaler, Zurich, January, 1986.

The Monumental New City, November 1996
Tom Folland. The Monumental New City: Art and Community, Mercer Union, Toronto, November 8, 1996

Exquisite ChromaZone, January 18 - March 1, 1997
Christopher Hume. "Gutsy retrospective revisits ChromaZone", Toronto Star, Thursday, January 30, 1997.
Gillian MacKay. "1980's revisited", The Globe and Mail, Saturday, January 25, 1997.
Dierdre Hanna. "ChromaZone mapping out its influence", Now, February 13-19, 1997.
Virginia MacDonnell. "A tribute to the ChromaZone collective", Artfocus, Spring, 1997.

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