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Fire + Ice
November 29, 1985 - January 10, 1986
Galerie Walcheturn, Zurich

Hans Peter Marti, Sybil Goldstein and Renée Van Halm coordinated this exhibition of Canadian artists in Zurich.
Fire + Ice included fifteen artists, the members of the ChromaZone collective as well as a number of their contemporaries, who together represented the varied ideologies and aesthetics which made up the climate and conditions of art-making in Toronto.

The exhibition featured works by: Stephen Andrews, Isaac Applebaum, Cathy Daley, Andy Fabo, Oliver Girling, Sybil Goldstein, Will Gorlitz, Tim Jocelyn, Rae Jocelyn, Douglas Kirton, Robert McNealy, Michael Merrill, Andy Patton, Renée Van Halm, and Tony Wilson.

Photographs [view]

Fire and Ice Oder. "Toronto Gruesst Zuerich", Galerien_Gazette, Zurichm 38 Dezember, 1985.
"Engagiert und pathetisch", Bilder Urs Siegenthaler, Zurich, January, 1986.

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