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OKromazone – die Anderen von Kanada
December 6 - 24, 1982
Institut Unzeit, West Berlin

In the fall of 1982 ChromaZone travelled to Berlin, West Germany, to mount OKromazone at the Institut Unzeit, opening a dialogue with young German artists which continues today. Twenty-two Toronto artists contributed paintings, drawings, sculpture and installations to this lively exhibition. As well a selection of young video artists and filmmakers from the Funnel were represented with screenings of their latest work.

Artists represented were: Dave Anderson, Jim Anderson, Stephen Andrews, Isaac Applebaum, Richard Banks, Brian Burnett, Jane Buyers, Derek Caines, Cathy Daley, Andy Fabo, Rob Flack, Oliver Girling, Sybil Goldstein, Judith Huntress-Allsopp, Rae Johnson, Hans Peter Marti, Michael Merrill, Alex Neuman, Chris Reed, Chrisanne Stathacos, Renée van Halm, and Tony Wilson.

    "Artists must create their own international network, Okromazone, we feel will give Berliners an incisive view of
     Toronto artists"

    – Andy Fabo, Introductory Essay

Group Statement [view]

Press Release [view]

Photographs [view]

Video [view]

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OKromazone Chronology/Timeline Entry

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