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Digital culture is created and experienced through the use of digital technology. The many branches of digital culture range from electronic art to smart fabrics, from content development and digitization to scientific research and cultural production. New media is an umbrella term used to describe evolving forms of computer-based media. Because these forms change frequently, they may also be characterized as unstable media.

Circuit4 was established by Nina Czegledy, Mark Beam and Nichola Feldman-Kiss with support from the Virtual Museum of Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts. The project was suspended in 2005 and in 2007 was transferred to the CCCA. Nina Czegledy continues to direct the circuit4 project.

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Funding new media

Current Environment

Canadian public funding provides primary support for new media arts in Canada. Key sources are federal government agencies, including the Department of Canadian Heritage, Canadian Culture Online programs and Canada Council for the Arts (CCA), with provincial and municipal councils providing additional support.

"Programs that recognize and encourage the unique process-based model of new media artworks and their extended timeframes would improve the funding system in Canada. Mid-career artists especially face challenges with the current funding models.

With projects becoming ever more complex, artists at this stage in their careers require sustained funding, not the short term funding currently available through (Canada's various federal, provincial and municipal) arts councils. They need long-term support for their projects of scale, to attract outside investors and secure the continued collaboration of highly skilled researchers and technicians."

Support For New Media Artists In Canada: What Place For Artists, Marilyn Burgess

Canada Council for the Arts
Digital practices are supported in varying degrees by all of the disciplinary sections of the Canada Council.
These include:
Visual Arts
Writing & Publishing
Equity Office

Research and Development

A number of new programs to fund research and development in new media have also been launched by the federal government to support the development of new media applications and products. Although the programs are open to artists, as collaborative teams or networks, these programs tend to be modeled on industry and academic funding and research processes to the exclusion of independent artists.

Canadian Culture Online
The country's leading investor in new media research
Canadian Culture Online Funding Program, Department of Canadian Heritage
New Media Research Networks Fund

Other programs of the federal government

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
New Media Initiative
Networks of Centres of Excellence

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council
Research/Creation Grants in Fine Arts for Artist-Researchers
Canada Research Chair

Canada Foundation for Innovation

CANARIE Connections Program (CCP)
Applied Research in Interactive Media (ARIM)
(CANARIE/Department of Canadian Heritage)

National Research Council of Canada
National Research Council of Canada
Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC-IRAP)

Industry Canada
Precarn Incorporated National Research Program
Scientific Research and Experimental Development Program
(Canada Revenue Agency)

Telefilm Canada