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Roy Arden

Roy was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he currently lives and works.
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Selected Writings   
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 Arden, Roy. "Music, Medicine and War: Al Neil's Collages ." Vanguard 14.3.April (1985)
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 Arden, Roy. "Useless Reportage - Notes on Helen Levitt's In the Street." Afterall 2002
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Catalogue Essay
 Arden, Roy. "Udo Koch: Ectoplasm and the Wirtschaftswunder Notes ." Frankfurt : Museum für Moderne Kunst, 1994
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 Arden, Roy. "Photography, Genre and Continuity ." Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery , 1997
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 Arden, Roy. "Consolation Prize: Mike Kelley and John Miller." Vancouver: Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, U.B.C., 2001
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 Arden, Roy. "Sun Pictures to Photoconceptualism." Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery , 2001
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 Arden, Roy. "SUPERNATURAL - Neil Campbell & Beau Dick." Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery, 2004
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 Arden, Roy. "Hans-Peter Feldmann." Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery, 2006
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 Arden, Roy. "Stephen Waddell's Depictive Art." Vancouver: Contemporary Art Gallery, 2008
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 Arden, Roy. "Greg." Toronto: Clark & Faria Gallery, 2009
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 Arden, Roy. "Vernacular Photography and Realism." Canadian Art 15.4.Winter (1998)
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 Arden, Roy. "Tabula Nova: A Personal Account of the Nova Gallery." Vancouver : Vancouver Art Gallery, 2005
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 Arden, Roy. "Steven Shearer: Swinging Lumpen."
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 Arden, Roy. "The Dignity of the Photograph." Art Press no. 251.November (1999)
[Interview between Jeff Wall and Roy Arden]
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Art work
Roy is also an artist.
His works can be viewed from his Artist profile page.

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