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David Buchan



1988 B.A. Honours, York University

Solo Exhibitions

1993     David Buchan: Inside the Image, Power Plant, Toronto,
1988     On the Rocks, Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1989     Galerie SAW, Ottawa, Ontario
1988     David Buchan; Canadian Youth, Western Front, Vancouver, B.C.
1987     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1984     A Space, Toronto, Ontario
1981     Roots, Lamonte Del Monte's Family Tree, YYZ, Toronto, Ontario
1981     Modern Fashions, Mercer Union, Toronto, Ontario
1981     Modern Fashions, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge, Alberta
1981     Modern Fashions, I.D.A. Gallery, York University, Toronto, Ontario
1981     Gallery 76, Toronto, Ontario
1980     Art Gallery, Student Union Building, Edmonton, Alberta
1980     Modern Fashions, Canadian Cultural Centre, Paris, France
1980     Modern Fashions, Art Gallery, Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, N.S.
1979     Modern Fashions, The Glenbow Museum of Art, Calgary, Alberta

Group Exhibitions

1991     49th Parallel, N.Y.C. New York
1991     The Barbicon Art Gallery, London, England
1990     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1990     Gallery 44, Toronto, Ontario
1990     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1989     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1989     Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1989     Mercer Union, Toronto, Ontario
1989     Susan Schelle and David Buchan, Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1988     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1987     Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Ontario
1987     From Sea to Shining Sea, The Power Plant, Toronto, Ontario
1987     Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario
1986     The Embassy Cultural House, London, Ontario
1986     Cold City Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
1985     A Space, Toronto, Ontario
1983     Kunstler aus Kanada: raume und installationen, Wurttembergischer Kunstverein,
            Stuttgart, West Germany
1983     One Room One Day, TPW, Photography Gallery, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto,
1982     Mannerism; a theory of culture ,Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, B.C.
1982     Chromaliving, ChromaZone, Toronto, Ontario
1982     Cambridge Public Library and Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario
1982     YYZ, Toronto, Ontario
1981     The mask of objectivity/subjective images, McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario
1980     A Space at 222 warehouse, A Space/ Art Gallery Harbourfront, Toronto
1980     Seven Toronto Artists, Artists' Space, N.Y.C. New York

Posthumous Exhibitions

2001     Presentation House, Vancouver, B.C.
2000     Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto, Ontario
1996     David Buchan: Man-About-Town, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby Ontario
1994     Quotation:Re-presenting History, Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba


1988     Western Front, Vancouver, B.C.
1987     Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario
1987     Gallery 101, Ottawa, Ontario
1986     Arts Television Centre, Toronto, Ontario
1984     Menswear: A Brief History, Harbourfront Centre Toronto, Ontario
1982     The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, Ontario
1982     Cambridge Public Library and Art Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario
1982     University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta
1982     Off Centre Centre, Calgary, Alberta
1982     London Regional Art Gallery, London, Ontario
1981     Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax, N.S.
1981     Dear Diary, The Gallery, Stratford, Ontario
1981     The McIntosh Gallery, London, Ontario
1981     Museum of the 20th Century, Vienna, Austria
1981     BRU '81 Festival, Brussels, Belgium
1981     Alta Oper, Frankfurt, West Germany
1981     Atlanta College of Art, Atlanta, Ga.
1980     The Cabana Room, Toronto, Ontario
1980     The Emily Carr College of Art & Design, Vancouver, B.C.
1980     The Whitewater Gallery, North Bay, Ontario
1980     Art '11, Basel, Switzerland
1979     Dressing For Turkeys, Ontario College of Art, Toronto
1979     Harbourfront, Toronto, Ontario
1979     The Arthur Street Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1979     The Glenbow Museum of Art, Calgary, Alberta
1978     Artspace, Peterborough, Ontario
1978     Fruit Cocktails, The Masonic Temple, Toronto, Ontario
1977     The Western Front, Vancouver, B.C.
1977     The Parachute Centre for Cultural Affairs, Calgary, Alberta
1977     Geek/Chic, The Forest City Gallery, London, Ontario
1977     Geek/Chic, The King Edward Hotel, Toronto, Ontario


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Film & Videotapes

"Fruit Cocktails", Masonic Temple, Toronto, September 7, 1978
"Lamonte Del Monte's Bedroom", Art Metropole. Toronto, 1980
"David Buchan: Man-About-Town", Elizabeth Chitty, Grimsby Public Art Gallery, Grimsby, 1996
"QSW: The Rebel Zone", Lorraine Segato, Director, Rhombus Media, Toronto, 2002


Art Gallery of the University of Lethbridge
Canada Council Art Bank
Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography
National Gallery of Canada
The Winnipeg Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery